Special Interest Groups

A Special interest Group (SIG) is a group of 15 or more AARE members with shared research interests. SIGs support networking with fellow researchers and are a benefit of their membership with AARE. SIGs undertake a diverse range of activities including organising events, discussion groups, research training, convening symposia, contributions to AARE news and the Australian Educational Researcher, etc. AARE members volunteer as SIG convenors. The SIGs Co-ordinator oversees all the SIGS and is an elected member on the AARE Executive.

SIGs are led by a Convenor and Co-Convenor(s) who are responsible for organizing the group’s activities and delegate responsibilities. All members of SIGs must be current financial members of AARE. Non-AARE members are strongly encouraged to join the Association to help support the infrastructure provided to SIGs by AARE.

Further information

Special Interest Group Convenor/s
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Melitta Hogarth, Tracey Bunda
Arts Education Practice Research Kathryn Coleman, Peter Cook, Mark Selkrig
Assessment and Measurement Jo Dargusch, Anna Fletcher, Stefanovych Roberts, Joanna Tai
Children and student voice across all sectors Manaia Chou-Lee, Trang Hoang
Cuturally and Linguistically Diverse education Sally Baker, Rachel Burke, Bonita Cabiles, Margaret Kettle, Tebeje Molla
Early Childhood Jo Bird, Vicki Schriever, Kathy Swinkels
Educational Leadership Christine Grice, Fiona Longmuir
Educational Theory and Philosophy Steven Stolz, Robert Stevens
Environmental and Sustainability Education Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, Karen Malone, Helen Widdop Quinton
Gender, Sexualities & Cultural Studies Annette Bromdal, Leanne Coll, Lisa van Leent
Global Contexts for Education Rhonda Di Biase, Lesley Friend, Miriam Ham
Health and Physical Education Laura Alfrey, Tony Rossi, Nicole Taylor
History and Education Yeow-Tong Chia, James Goulding
Inclusive Education Kate de Bruin, Linda Graham, Haley Tancredi
Language and Literacy Janet Dutton, Bree Kitt, Kathy Rushton
Motivation and Learning Emma Burns, Natasha Kett
Middle Years of Schooling Anne Coffey, Tony Edwards, Katherine Main, Kerry Renwick
Politics and Policy in Education Radhika Gorur, Ian Hardy, Jessica Holloway, Steven Lewis, Glenn Savage
Poststructural Theory Tamara Borovica, Leanne Higham
Professional and Higher Education James Burford, Giedre Kligyte, Catherine Manathunga, Alisa Percy
Qualitative Research Methodologies Ian Davis
Rural Education Melyssa Fuqua, Cheryl Glowrey, Karl Maton, Erica Southgate
Schools and Education Systems Angela Ferguson, Rebecca Libke
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Amanda Berry, Ann Osman
Social Justice Melanie Brooks, Fida Sanjakdar, Tim Fish
Sociocultural Activity Theory John Cripps Clark, Brendan Jacobs, Judith MacCallum
Sociology of Education Babak Dadvand, Stephen Kelly, Sam Schulz, Garth Stahl
Teacher Education and Research Innovation Bianca Coleman, Thi Kim Anh Dang, Bernadette Mercieca, Jessica Premier, Jon Quach
Teachers' Work and Lives Brigid Fletcher, Craig Wood
Technology and Learning Katherine McLay, Stephen Tucker