Educational Theory and Philosophy


The aim of this special interest group is to foster and advance engagement with all aspects of educational philosophy and theory in the service of education and educational research. It endeavours to do so through robust conversations and dialogues of educational philosophy and theory. The ETAP SIG acknowledges that philosophical and theoretical work in education draws from, as much as it contributes to, educational practice and research in other disciplines.  This is particularly the case for allied fields such as curriculum theory, the politics of education, educational history, educational policy, higher education, research methodologies, and so on. Moreover, ETAP aims to gather researchers together in addressing significant and emerging educational questions and issues using the unique insights afforded by theory and philosophy.    

Research interests:

  • Educational philosophy
  • Educational theory
  • Philosophy of education


Symposium: The Body, Embodiment, & Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach

On Wednesday 12th June 2019, at the La Trobe University City Campus, a symposium was held on the following theme: “The Body, Embodiment, and Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach”. The event brought together a range of highly distinguished academics to present their research on the symposium theme. Co-sponsored by the School of Education at La Trobe University, and the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), the symposiums main aim was to attract a diverse audience consisting of members from the AARE special interest group (i.e. "Educational Theory and Philosophy" or “ETAP”), academics, post-graduate students, educators, and members from the general public who may be interested in the symposium theme.

AARE Symposium Pic2

Prof. Lawrence Shapiro (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)


AARE Symposium Pic8

Dr. Maurizio Toscano (University of Melbourne), Dr. Steven Stolz (La Trobe University) and Prof. Lawrence Shapiro (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)