Local/Global Issues in Education

Local/Global Issues in Education is the AARE Book Series, established in 2015 and published by Routledge.  

Editor: Professor Greg Thompson

Editor: Professor Marcia McKenzie

Editor: Dr Katie Maher

Editor: Dr Samantha Shulz

Local/Global Issues in Education investigates the interplay between the local and the global in contemporary education policy and practice. While processes of globalisation are transforming local education systems, the local cannot be conceived of as homogeneous or passive.  Local policy advocates, educators and researchers mediate processes of globalisation by adapting, resisting and amplifying its effects and influences. Local/Global Issues in Education publishes high-quality empirical, theoretical and conceptual work that uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to contribute to ongoing education debates. Sponsored by AARE, this book series includes work that emanates from Australia that speaks to these global issues. Conversely, while expecting all books in the series to bear relevance to the Australian context, the series also welcomes proposals that are more broadly focused on global trends and directions in education from researchers working outside the Australian context. 

Proposals for edited collections and monographs to be published within the series are invited from members of the education research community. See the guidelines to view proposal requirements and instructions for submission.

The next call for proposals will be advertised in the near future.  

All inquiries can be directed to the Series Editors at LGIEeditors@aare.edu.au.



Books in the Series

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Temporality, Space and Place in Education and Youth Research

by Julie McLeod, Kate O’Connor, Nicole Davis, Amy McKernan

This book explores the everyday ways in which time marks the experience of education as well as the concerns and methods of education and youth research. It asks: what do we notice afresh and what comes into sharper view when temporality becomes a focal point? What theories and ways of seeing offer new angles onto temporality in interaction with space and place?

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Community Matters

by Jennifer Gore, Sally Patfield, Leanne Fray, Jess Harris

Working towards equity of access to higher education remains a fundamental issue of social justice. Despite substantial efforts to redress historical exclusions via a wealth of government and institutional policies, longstanding enrolment patterns persist and new forms of inequality have emerged in a deeply stratified system. Community Matters: The Complex Links Between Community and Young People’s Aspirations for Higher Education offers a new lens on equity of access.

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Click here for a short video of the Authors: Jennifer Gore, Sally Patfield, Leanne Fray, Jess Harris talking about their book.

Cognitive load theory uses our knowledge of how people learn, think and solve problems to design instruction. In turn, instructional design is the central activity of classroom teachers, of curriculum designers, and of publishers of textbooks and educational materials, including digital information. Characteristically, the theory is used to generate hypotheses that are tested using randomised controlled trials. Cognitive load theory rests on a base of hundreds of randomised controlled trials testing many thousands of primary and secondary school children as well as adults.

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An accelerating pattern in Australia and internationally is the dismantling of public education systems as part of a long-standing trend towards the modernisation, marketisation and privatisation of educational provision. Responsibility for direct delivery of education services has been shifted to contracting and monitoring under the clarion call of school and leadership autonomy and parental choice. Part of this pattern is an increasing blurring of boundaries between the state and private sector, a move from government to new forms of ‘strategic’ governance, and from hierarchy to heterarchy.  

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The Relationality of Race in Education Research 

Edited by Greg Vass, Jacinta Maxwell, Sophie Rudolph, Kalervo N. Gulson

This edited collection examines the ways in which the local and global are key to understanding race and racism in the interesectional context of contemporary education. Analysing a broad range of examples, it highlights how race and racism comprise a relational phenomenon that interconnects local, national and global contexts and ideas.  

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Literacy, Leading and Learning: Beyond Pedagogies of Poverty 

By Barbara Comber, Pat Thomson, Robert Hattam, and Ruth Lupton

How might educational leaders and teacher improve literacy achievement in schools serving communities experiencing high levels of poverty? This question is the focus of this book. Drawing on long-term case studies of four primary schools located in these communities, this book describes the difference between what is commonly practiced and those practices that have a greater chance of supporting young people's literacy learning.  

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National Testing in Schools: An Australian Assessment

Edited by Bob Lingard, Greg Thompson, Sam Sellar

Over the last two decades, large-scale national, or provincial, standardised testing has become prominent in the schools of many countries around the globe. National Testing in Schools: An Australian Assessment draws on research to consider the nature of national testing and its multiple effects, including: media responses and constructions such as league tables of performance; pressures within school systems and on schools; effects on the work and identities of principals and teachers; and impacts on the experience of schooling for many young people, including those least advantaged.  

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