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Report of the Working Party on supporting educational research
Report to the AARE Executive and Members from the Working Party ‘Protecting and extending research in education in Australia’ May 2020 Working Party
2010 AARE/ACDE National Education Research Futures Summit Report (2010)
Authors: Alison Lee, Nicola Johnson, Robert Parkes, Gregory Martin, and Damian Maher

The Education Research Futures Summit, held in February 2010, was a national joint venture of AARE and ACDE. The purpose of the Summit was to contribute to a capacity of the Education field to analyse, envisage and plan for the future, conceived in terms of not one future but a range of possible ways of thinking and conceiving the future. In pragmatic terms, these considerations led to a set of outcomes aimed at contributing to strategic planning for both AARE and ACDE. They were directed to issues of workforce planning, research capacity building and the development of a strategic research agenda for Education research in a changing future.
2012 AARE/ACDE Strategic Capacity Building Report: Living in a 2.2 World: ERA, Capacity Building and the Topography of Australian Educational Research (2012)
Authors: Terri Seddon, Dawn Bennett, Janette Bobis. Sue Bennett, Neil Harrison, Sue Shore, Erica Smith & Philip Chan
Early in 2011, AARE and the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE) established a joint working party to create a strategic plan for strengthening national research capacity in the field of Education. This proposal followed the publication of Excellence of Research in Australia (ERA 2010 results, which revealed that the national average weighting of Australian research in Field of Research 13 (FoR 13) - Education was well below the 'world standard' rating of 3.0. Moreover, the 2010 ERA data demonstrated that we had no up-to-date picture of who is involved in educational research, what their strengths are, or how they relate to one another.
Strengthening a research-rich teaching profession in Australia
Authors: Simone White (ATEA), Joce Nuttall (ATEA), Barry Down (ACDE), Sue Shore (ACDE), Annette Woods (AARE), Martin Mills (AARE), Professor Annette Woods (AARE), and Katherine Bussey.
The ‘alliance’ report had its genesis in the United Kingdom report Research and the Teaching Profession: Building the capacity for a self-improving education system (ERA and RSA Commissioned) and found common ground with the findings of this earlier project. The project aimed to begin a discussion about possibilities for enhancing self-improvement in education systems by facilitating research-rich teaching and learning spaces in education.