Special Interest Group Funding

AARE provides an annual funding scheme to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) each year upon application and selection.

SIG Funding

AARE encourages SIGs to explore different ways of achieving scholarly research capacity building outcomes for SIG members, AARE members and the wider education research community. To support such endeavours, AARE provides an annual funding scheme.

Purpose: These grants are primarily intended as a means of supporting SIGs to contribute to the scholarly research capacity of their members, and AARE members more broadly.

Funding round: Annual (single round) per financial year.

Status of current funding round: Closed.

2024-2025 Applications due: 11.59pm May 30, 2024.

The AARE SIG Funding Guidelines provide detailed information including:

  • Activities supported (item 6)
  • Activities not supported (item 7)
  • How to develop your event/project plan and budget (item 8)
  • Requirements for collaboration/partnership (items 5 and 9)
  • The funding application process (item 10)
  • Selection criteria (item 11)
  • Assessment and notification process (item 12)
  • AARE administration support services provided (item 13)
  • How to obtain payment of funds (item 14)
  • Reporting requirements (item 15)

Funding available

NOTE: Only one competitive funding application can be submitted from each SIG.

A SIG can collaborate with one other SIG to offer an activity to the combined value of two grant levels, up to $8,000. Applications for smaller grant amounts will also be considered.

Applying for funding

  • Review the eligibility requirements (item 3), eligible activities (item 6 and 7) and selection criteria (item 11)
  • Consult with your SIG members (item 11)
  • Develop an activity proposal including Project/Event & Budget Plan (item 8) and consider any potential partners/sponsors (item 9)
  • Determine what level of funding you are applying for (item 4)
  • Submit your proposal via the online Application form by the due date (item 10)

Funding approvals

  • Grant submissions assessed – June each year by the AARE Executive Committee (item 11)
  • Funding outcomes notified – by mid-July each year (item 12)

Planning and delivering your initiative

  • Review any conditions of funding – refer to your funding acceptance letter
  • Request approval in advance if any of your costs or activity plans look to differ from your original event plan and budget (refer items 8e and 10e)
  • Ensure consent for sharing content (photography, audio, video) is gained in advance if applicable (item 8f)
  • Request Executive authorisation for any sign-offs, contracts or agreements required by suppliers (item 8g)
  • Deliver the approved funded activities as outlined in your funding acceptance letter, accessing AARE administrative support as required (item 13)
  • Request funding reimbursement and/or payment of relevant invoices, aligned to your approved budget, using the Expense Payment/Reimbursement Claim Form – no later than 15th June each year (item 14)
  • Submit your Funding Report by the due date, no later than 30th June each year (item 15)