Raewyn Connell Award - Gender, Sexualities & Cultural Studies


The rationale for this award is to acknowledge significant leadership in and contribution to building the fields of sexuality and gender research in education. The motivation to create this award has emerged from the view that given the developing status of these research fields it is important to establish mechanisms through which contributions to and leadership within these fields can be promoted and acknowledged.

Funding round: single round per annum

Applications due: 10 August 2018

Status of funding round: closed


Mid-career researcher (5-10 years post PhD)

Eligibility criteria

  1. A mid-career researcher (5-10 years post PhD) who has demonstrated leadership in and made significant contribution to the fields of gender and sexuality research in education through contributions to building the fields, research, teaching, and service.
  2. A mid-career researcher who has performed a significant amount of their leadership work while working in Australia.

Merit criteria

We acknowledge that the politics of awards are problematic - focusing as they do on singling out individuals when the growth of the field is always the result of collective efforts.  We hope that the award is received in the spirit of more actively bringing people together to celebrate the work we all do, and we welcome discussions of additional ways to nurture work occurring across these fields.


  • The SIG conveners will organise the arrangements for announcing the award.
  • The serving SIG conveners and members of the awards committee will be ineligible for nomination while they are serving in those roles.

How to apply

  • To be considered for this award, people can nominate an individual. Self-nomination is also acceptable.
  • On 10 August submit:
  • a statement of nomination outlining the nominee's key contributions across four relevant areas of leadership: contributions to building the field(s), research, teaching, and service. This statement should not exceed two A4 pages, and should also include a CV.
  • Applications should be emailed to Leanne Coll and Lisa van Leent with the subject line stating: full name, the paper code assigned to your submitted abstract, and include the award name (e.g. Raewyn Connell award for leadership in and contribution to gender and sexuality research).

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by a panel of people invited by the SIG convenors which is convened each year. The panel’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.


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