Previous AARE Conferences

2023 Conference - Melbourne University

Recordings: Radford Lecture, Keynote presentation

Radford Lecture

Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen, Australian National University
Queer Public Pedagogies: Educating the Nation about Gender, Sex and Sexualities.

Keynote Presentation

Professor Neil Selwyn, Monash University
Resetting our research agendas.

Previous conference presentations


Day 1. AARE 2022 Conference Open, Welcome To Country, Opening Keynote

Welcome, Dr Kathryn Grushka, Chair, AARE Conferences Standing Committee 0.07

Introduction, Professor Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews 4.28

Welcome to Country, Uncle Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien 8.13

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Research SIG Leader, Melitta Hogarth 18.19

President’s Welcome, Professor Allyson Holbrook 22.49

Keynote Opening Remarks, Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington AO 26.52

Keynote Introduction, Professor Anna Sullivan 36.11

Opening Keynote Address, Professor George Siemens 38.52

Day 1. AARE 2022 Conference, Radford Lecture

Introduction, Associate Professor Nicole Mockler 1.00

Radford Lecture, Professor Pat Thompson 6.55

Day 2. AARE 2022 Conference, Indigenous Keynote, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Research Awards

Welcome, Dr Kathryn Grushka, Chair, AARE Conferences Standing Committee 0.8

Introduction, Professor Susan Page 0.42

Indigenous Keynote Address, Professor Michelle Trudgett 5.08

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Awards Ceremony, Dr Olivia Johnston 50.40

Day 3. AARE 2022 Conference, Presidential Address, Conference Paper Awards

Introduction, Professor Julie McLeod 1.02

Presidential Address, Professor Allyson Holbrook 6.55

Awards Ceremony, Dr Olivia Johnston 34.06


AARE2021 Opening Plenary

This video includes Keynote Address by A/Prof Nikki Moodie


2019 Conference - Queensland University of Technology This year's conference was a large conference with more than 1000 delegates from a range of countries.

Keynote Speaker Fazal Rizvi

Global Rise of Nationalist Populisms and their Contradictions: Challenges for Education 

Keynote Speaker Tracey Bunda On Reflection. … and Two Questions Will Remain

2019 Preconference workshop presentations This video includes keynote presentations from Angela Barney-Leitch and Dr Charlotte Pezaro


Keynote presentation

Marilyn Cochran Smith

Reclaiming Teacher Education Accountability for the Democratic Project: Now More Than E

Keynote presentation

Gawaian Bodkin Andrews

Researching and storying in the in-between space: people not politics

Keynote presentation

Professor Valerie Harwood, Dr Anthony McKnight

 Doing diversity differently: multicultural education for a culturally complex world

Presidential Address

Professor Annette Woods

Are we there yet? Research with and for teachers and children and the possibilities of schooling in a complex world.


Keynote speaker

Yvette Taylor University of Strathclyde

Dangerous Education: The occupational hazards of teaching queerly

Keynote speaker

Nerida Blair Australian Catholic University

Researching and storying in the in-between space: people not politics

Keynote speaker

Greg Noble Western Sydney University

Doing diversity differently: multicultural education for a culturally complex world

2017 PGS and ECR preconference workshop


Keynote Speaker

Peter Anderson Monash University

New challenges and opportunities for Indigenous education and research in the post-imperial world

Keynote Speaker

Becky Francis UCL-Institute of Education (IOE)

The hegemony and consequences of segregation by attainment in schooling,

Keynote Speaker

Jenny Gore University of Newcastle

Reconciling educational research traditions

AARE Presidential Address

Martin Mills University of Queensland

Educational research that has an impact: ‘Be realistic, demand the impossible’

Research in Education Network Presentation

Angela Ferguson, Department of Education and Training, Queensland Liliana Ructtinger and Rob Stevens, Department of Education, NSW Shani Prendergast, Catholic Education Melbourne Tiffany Roos, Association of Independent Schools, NSW Zoran Endekov, Departm

Enhancing the educational research-practice nexus 


AARE 2016 REN research paper

2016 PGS and ECR Workshop


Keynote Speaker

Dr Lyn Henderson Yates

Knowledge, Identity and the Doctoral Phase: Science Knowledge and science careers today

Keynote Speaker

Professor Deevia Bhana

Gender and childhood sexualities in the South: agency and vulnerability


Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth Adams St.Pierre

Post Qualitative Inquiry

PowerPoint presentation

Keynote Speaker

David Hogan

“East Asian” Pedagogy and Metaphysical Anxiety: Whence Singapore? Whither Australia?

PowerPoint presentation

NZARE Herbison

Graham Smith

Transforming Research: The Emerging Kaupapa Māori Research Context in Aotearoa / NZ

Paper from presentation


Keynote Speaker

Ian Buchanan and Taylor Webb


Keynote Speaker

David Berliner