Honorary Life Member Award

Honorary Life Members of the Australian Association for Research in Education

The award of Honorary Life Membership recognises current members of AARE who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to AARE as evidenced by long term membership of, and active participation in, the Association, and who have made a substantial contribution to educational research.

Call for Nominations

Nominations for Honorary Life Membership will be called for annually via the Members’ Update and website each year.

To nominate a member for HLM, a current member(s) should:

  1. Ensure that the candidate fits the criteria for the AARE Honorary Life Membership. THIS CRITERIA INCLUDES:
    • Current membership of AARE;
    • Long term commitment to AARE evidenced through long term membership of, and active participation in, the Association;
    • Significant contribution to growing, developing and shaping the work of AARE during this period.
  2. Provide a profile of the candidate that provides grounds for the nomination. Pertinent information would include but not necessarily be limited to the following:
    • The candidate's contribution to AARE, including length of membership, and the specific ways in which they contributed to growing, developing and shaping the work of AARE; 
    • The candidates overall contribution to educational research: and
    • Three brief letters of support from academic colleagues.

Please send all nominations for the AARE Honorary Life Member to:

AARE Honorary Secretary
c/o AARE Secretariat
11/456 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

Email: aare@aare.edu.au


Selection Procedures

A sub-committee of the Executive, chaired by the Honorary Secretary, will examine the nominations received and taking into account the criteria for the AARE Honorary Life Member Award, make a recommendation at an Executive meeting (or out of meeting via email) for one, and under special circumstances more than one, AARE Honorary Life Member Award. The Executive will, if it accepts the recommendation, pass a resolution to bestow the AARE Honorary Life Member Award on the nominated member or members.

In addition to the stated criteria, the sub-committee should provide an ongoing review of the gender, regional and disciplinary distribution of the AARE Honorary Life Member Award. Where marked discrepancies in the distribution occur, the sub-committee should implement positive discrimination procedures.

Informing the Nominated Members

The President of the Association should write to each candidate. The President's letter should inform the successful candidate:

  • that the bestowal of the AARE Honorary Life Member Award will occur at the annual conference of the Association; and
  • that the candidate is invited to attend the annual conference to accept the award.

Support for the Candidate to attend the Conference

Financial support will be provided for the candidate(s) to attend the annual conference. The financial support will consist of:

  • Conference registration fee waiver

Advertising the Decision of the Executive

The decision of the Executive will be recorded in the minutes, and following the President's letter to the nominee and the nominee's acceptance of the AARE Honorary Life Member Award, the decision will be published on the website.

Bestowing the AARE Honorary Life Member Award

The Conferences Standing Committee will arrange for a time during the conference for the bestowal of the Award.
Sufficient time should be allowed to:

  • have the President or the President's nominee present a profile of the candidate that provides justification for the bestowal;
  • have the candidate respond;
  • have the President bestow the AARE Honorary Life Member Award

The AARE Honorary Life Member Award Certificate

A certificate will be presented to the AARE Honorary Life Member that registers the honour bestowed by the Association.


Previous awardees


Professor Tracey Bunda University of Queensland


Adjunct Professor Val Klenowski Queensland University of Technology


Professor Robert Hattam (accepted by Robyne Garrett) University of South Australia

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