Postgraduate Student Researcher Awards


The AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher Award recognises an outstanding paper given by a Postgraduate Student at the AARE Annual Conference.

AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher Awards are available to assist postgraduate students to attend and participate in the annual AARE Conference.

Funding round: single round per annum

Applications due: 19  October 2020

Status of round: closed

Support: Certificate and $500 


Eligible persons may apply for the Award themselves, or may be nominated by another person (e.g., a colleague or supervisor or a conference paper reviewer or referee)

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for consideration for an award, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be a member of AARE
  • be enrolled in a postgraduate research program in a relevant area of study at an Australian higher education institution
  • meet the closing date for application
  • submit a first-authored  paper for review by the awards committee via the form on this website (link below)
  • have not previously received an AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher Award

It is possible to submit a jointly authored paper for an award. Award applicants must be the first named author on the paper. AARE places the responsibility for full disclosure to co-authors with the first author of a paper submitted for consideration in these award categories. It is not a requirement that award papers be included in the conference proceedings.

Merit criteria

As the intent of the awards is to honour and facilitate outstanding scholarship, applications will be judged on the basis of the following academic merit criteria:

  • Originality
  • Contemporary significance and /or scholarly relevance
  • Conceptual, methodological and theoretical soundness
  • Disciplined, focused and persuasive argument
  • Coherent organisation and clarity of written expression
  • Comprehensive reference to appropriate literature

Only one paper per researcher or research team should be submitted for the Award in any year. Papers previously submitted may not be resubmitted. The same paper cannot be submitted for more than one award in any year.

How to apply

  • Applicants must meet the deadlines submission as listed above.
  • Please provide
    • a covering letter addressing the eligibility criteria for the award;
    • a copy of the abstract and the title of the paper and the authors name;
    • a copy of the full paper, de-identified without the authors name

Applications should be submitted via the form on the website. 

Paper guidelines

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by the Awards Panel which is convened each year by the Awards Convenor. The panel’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.


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