Previously Funded SIG Projects

2022 Competitive Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following SIGs for their successful applications for Competitive Grants in the 2022/2023 SIG Round:

Arts Education Practice Research (AEPR), Post Structural Theory (PST) - Joint submission - $8,000.00


Arts Education Practice Research: Kate Coleman, Peter Cook, Mark Selkrig

Post Structural Theory: George Variyan, Benjamin Zonca

SIG members Brad Gobby, Sarah Healy 

The SIGs will undertake a 4-day Climate, Arts and Digital Activism Festival that will bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners with expertise in the climate-related social issues, media, refugee communities, creative arts, curatorial practice, arts-based research, small data, and digital methods.

Children and Student Voice across all sectors - $2,625.00

Contact/Convenors: Manaia Chou-Lee, Trang Hoang

The SIG will run four online symposiums that centre on the practices of “partnership opportunities”. The title for the symposiums is "Critical discussions beyond the narrative: Partnerships opportunities in curriculum and pedagogy”.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Education - $3,000.00

Contact/Convenors: Rachel Burke, Bonita Cabiles, Tebeje Molla

The SIG will run a hybrid event “Education in Resettlement: Facilitating Community-Driven Research”. This event focuses on the challenges, complexities, and ethical implications of community-driven approaches to educational research, with the emphasis on practical supports for researcher development.

Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) SIG - $5,000.00

Contact/Convenors: David Rousell, Helen Widdop Quinton, Thilinika Wijesinghe

The SIG will deliver a series of activities to explore and extend on supervisor-candidate partnerships climate justice activities and outcomes.

Gender, Sexualities and Cultural Studies SIG - $2,000.00

Contact/Convenors: Michelle Jeffries, Lizzie Maughan, Victoria Rawlings

The SIG will undertake the following activities:

  1. Media engagement workshop
  2. Funding Gender and Sexuality Research: Getting the Grants
  3. ARC Film screening during the AARE Conference
  4. Communities of Conversation around our research: Qualitative analysis for multi-media data
  5. Communities of Conversation around our research: Ethics

Global Contexts for Education, Cultural Historical & Activity Theory, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics SIGs - Joint submission - $5,000.00


Global Contexts for Education: Rhonda Di Biase, Rebecca Spratt

Cultural Historical & Activity Theory: John Cripps Clark, Samran Daneshfar, Judith MacCallum, Hongzhi Yang, Suxiang Yu

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Amanda Berry, Liang Li, Ann Osman

The three SIGs will run a developmental series of events exploring the theme of crossing boundaries: across content, theory and practice in global education contexts.

History and Education SIG - $780.00

Contact/Convenors: Yeow-Tong Chia, James Goulding

The SIG will run a hybrid Theory Workshop “Decolonising History Education and History of Education”. This workshop will provide mentorship to HDRs and ECRs of the SIG and the wider AARE community on the role of theory in historical research in education.

Policy and Politics of Education SIG - $2,880.00

Contact/Convenors: Jessica Holloway, Steven Lewis

 The SIG will host a Summer School for PhD candidates and ECRs whose research aligns with the SIG. The summer school will be spread across three days and will include a variety of learning activities.

Professional and Higher Education SIG - $3,000.00

Contact/Convenors: Giedre Kligyte, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knight, Alisa Percy, Jing Qi

The SIG will undertake a sustainable community building activity for PHE SIG. The initiative to begin to build and maintain a stable community in this space to foster dialogue and collaboration.

Sociology of Education & Social Justice - Joint submission - $7,800.00


Sociology of Education: Babak Dadvand, Stephen Kelly, Sam Schulz, Garth Stahl

Social Justice: Tim Fish, Lesley Friend, Ana Larsen

SIG members: Jo Lampert

The SIGs will run a workshop titled “Fostering Community Engagement in Education for Equity, Diversity and Social Justice”. This workshop brings together leading scholars and academics from around Australia and overseas to discuss existing and emerging research on practical approaches to community engagement for inclusive education. This workshop aims to create opportunities for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to participate in capacity-building and networking activities.

Teacher Education and Research Innovation - $500.00

Contact/Convenors: Bianca Coleman, Thi Kim Anh Dang, Jessica Premier, Jon Quach

The SIG will run an online symposium: “Teacher Education: Preparing teachers for a changing world”.  The symposium will promote the work of the SIG by allowing members to come together to share their research, learn from each other and to explore ongoing collaborations.


2018 Competitive Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following SIGs for their successful applications for Competitive Grants in the 2018/2019 SIG Round:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Research - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Melitta Hogarth

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Research SIG reaching out to our Maori counterparts as part of NZARE to submit a joint symposium for this year's conference. To continue building and supporting HDR students, we are proposing providing a bursary for up to 4 PhD students working with the 4 academics joining us in the Symposium to attend the Conference.

Education Theory and Philosophy - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Steven Stolz

The Education Theory and Philosophy SIG will undertake a one-day symposium open to academics and the wider educational community, with national and international speakers. A formal book proposal will be developed, provisional title: The Body, Embodiment, and Education.

Motivation and Learning - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Emma Burns

The Motivation and Learning SIG will run an invited a speaker session with Professor Judith Harackiewicz from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to be held at the AARE Annual Conference.

Post Structural Theory and Gender, Sexualities and Cultural Studies - Joint submission - $10,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Melissa Wolfe

Professor Emma Renold is Professor in Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales. She will be invited to speak at the Annual Conference.

Qualitative Research Methodologies and Early Childhood - Joint submission - $4,956

Contact/Convenor: Louise Phillips.

Funds will bring Professor Elizabeth Quintero to Sydney to present in Research, through with and as Storying symposium at AARE Conference 2018, Sydney University.

Sociocultural Activity Theory - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Jenny Martin.

David Kellogg
Joce Nuttall
Peter Renshaw
Nikolai Veresov
Judith MacCallum
John Cripps Clark

The Sociocultural Activity Theory SIG will run an AARE/ISCAR Summer School is a five-day retreat modelled on the Russian ISCAR Summer School tradition.

Sociology of Education - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Babak Dadvand

The SIG will host a two-day workshop on Open Access, Data Sharing and Archiving of Qualitative Research. This builds on a program of work undertaken by Julie McLeod, Kate Connor and Nicole Davis and colleagues at the University of Melbourne, with the support of the ARC, e-Scholarship at Melbourne University and the Australian Data Archive.

Teacher Education and Research Innovation - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Thi Kim Anh Dang

The SIG will run a one-day symposium, with Professor Ken Zeichner from the University of Washington (USA). The title for the proposed symposium is ‘Crossing Boundaries in Teacher Education: Promoting Collaboration and Partnerships’.

Technology and Learning - $5,000

Contact/Convenor: Dr Ulla Freihofner

A workshop, titled Using Data and Analytics to support technology-enhanced learning will offer educators methods to go beyond conventional approaches and widen their tool kit to overcome challenges involved with meeting the needs and expectations of modern learners.