AARE develops policies to assist with the day to day functions of the association. These policies are updated and added to as required.

Policy Downloads

Policy on Advertising on AARE Website
AARE will sell advertising space on its website only when the inclusion of such advertising does not conflict with the Mission, Vision or Values of AARE, or the development or implementation of its Strategic Plan. The normal format of advertisements will be as logos in a banner on the homepage with hyperlinks to advertisers' websites.
Event Attendance Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidelines on the level and nature of financial support AARE will normally provide to members of the AARE Executive Committee and to other AARE members who represent AARE at a non-AARE event.
Privacy Policy
AARE is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. AARE does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals except when such individuals specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis. For example, such personally identifiable information may be gathered from member registration and/or the registration process for conferences & events, subscription or services and in connection with content submissions, community postings (e.g., forums), suggestions and transactional areas.
Refund & Cancellation Policy for AARE events
This refund policy is for AARE events, excluding the AARE Annual Conference which has its own
refund policy.
Special Interest Groups Policy
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can be formed by members of AARE who have an interest in a specialist research domain. More information on the formations is in the policy document. SIGs are a benefit of AARE membership. All members of SIGs must be members of AARE.
SIG Social Media Guidelines
AARE endorses Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to establish and maintain quality social media accounts, such as blogs, Facebook or Twitter sites, to support the research related activities of members. In particular, AARE supports SIGs to operate social media accounts that enhance the overall vision and purpose of AARE.