Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Workshops

Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Workshop 2017


Glenn Savage

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In this keynote address, Dr. Glenn Savage will explore the various challenges, possibilities and frustrations facing early career researchers as they seek to navigate the complex terrain of research funding in Australia and beyond. Based on his journey from being a postgraduate student through to receiving an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Dr Savage will reflect on the highs and lows of grant writing, the challenge of crafting a coherent and strategic research agenda, tips for building a publication portfolio amidst heavy teaching and administrative workloads, and the importance of being proactive in seeking funding and other research opportunities.

Tracey Bunda 

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Tracey Bunda is a Ngugi Wakka Wakka woman and in this address engages in a dialogue with the participants that draws on her own long, tiring, happy, gut-wrenching health, challenging, weird, isolating, angry, frustrating and relatively steady career. In this address Tracey’s conversation with participants will give rise to lessons for survivability and thoughtfulness for legacies translated to the next generations of academics.


Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Workshop 2016

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