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Ovulatory-menstrual health literacy Felicity Roux

The research team at Curtin University are pleased to announce that the project for ovulatory-menstrual health literacy has entered Phase 2. A single-sex school has agreed to pilot the intervention "My Vital Cycles" with their Year 9 girls for 2021.

Waking up to Memmi: A dwam of critical whiteness studies in school curriculum and pedagogy

Craig Wood

'Waking up to Memmi' is performative and critical reflective practice, juxtaposing the temporal relationship between lived experiences in the author's past with his present actions as a teacher. Presented in the style of a dwam, the state of semiconsciousness that precedes sleep, the article uncovers dominant colonial narratives that inscribe racialized power relations in school curriculum and pedagogy. Drawing from Albert Memmi's “colonizer who refuses,” the dwam demonstrates critical awakening as a white teacher through six scenes spanning four decades.

Co-ed schools better reflect the society we want to live in Opinion Editorial

Leanne Higham

Op-ed for The Age advocating for co-educational schooling.

Re/imagining school climate: Towards processual accounts of affective ecologies of schooling.

Eve Mayes, Melissa Wolfe, and Leanne Higham

First publication from research project investigating school climate (and its affective politics) in a Victorian community school.

Troubling the Anthropocene: Donna Haraway, SF, and arts of un/naming

Noel Gough & Chessa Adsit-Morris

Generating material-semiotic lines of flight in environmental education research assemblages (with a little help from SF)

Noel Gough & Chessa Adsit-Morris

Remembering Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018): Three tributes to her speculative imagination.

Noel Gough

Post-Anthropocene imaginings: Speculative thought, diffractive play and women on the edge of time

Chessa Adsit-Morris & Noel Gough

Explores ways in which the discourses and cultural resources of popular media and non-western knowings can foster alternative imaginaries. We develop and deploy the methodological practice of ‘diffractive play’ as we read fictional and theoretical texts diffractively through each other. We use these strategies to rethink and reconfigure current practices in creative and visionary ways by exploring the material affects and imaginative potentials of speculative thought experiments.

Cleaning public education: the privatisation of school maintenance work

Jessica Gerrard and Rosie Barron

This paper focuses on an area of privatisation that has not to date received significant attention in educational research: the privatisation of infrastructure, facilities and maintenance, and in particular the labour of cleaning. Analysing the case of Victoria, Australia, we demonstrate how successive governments have defended the privatisation of cleaning labour on the basis that it allows schools to concentrate on the ‘core’ business of teaching and learning. Tracing the evolution of private contracts and public–private partnerships, we argue that the bracketing of cleaning work divides the types of labour carried out in the school, and thus the meaning and practice of public education. 

Perceptions of teachers and teaching in Australia

Amanda Heffernan, Fiona Longmuir, David Bright, and Misol Kim

This report shares findings of a nationwide Australian study into public and teachers’ perceptions of the teaching profession. The study was commissioned in response to ongoing concerns about recruitment and retention of educators and reports about the wellbeing of teachers and school leaders.

Wellbeing in doctoral education: Insights and guidance from the student experience

Lynette Pretorius & Luke Macaulay

In recent years, wellbeing has been increasingly recognised as an important area in doctoral education. Yet, few resources exist to help those who support doctoral students. Through reflection and narration of personal experiences, this book provides a voice to doctoral students to advocate for an improvement to their own doctoral training environment.

A reflection on action research conducted in English classes attended by non-native speakers

Li Wang

This work provides a reflection on personal experiences in making significant positive differences in teaching by doing an action research with two different English classes attended by non-native speakers in differed cultural settings in higher education domestically and overseas. Action research is a useful instrument in constant development of critical reflective teaching for making significant positive difference in teaching and learning, particularly in understanding and accommodating learners’ needs, interests and learning differences, in diverse cultural and interdisciplinary settings. 

Literacies in Early Childhood: Foundations for Equity and Quality

Annette Woods and Beryl Exley

This is an edited collection that includes chapters that provide a broad range of perspectives on equitable, quality literacy learning and teaching. The book takes a deliberately balanced approach to counter current popular narrow conceptions of literacy teaching and learning.

Bodily grounds of learning: Embodying professional practice in biotechnology

Dall’Alba, G., & Sandberg, J.

Although ever present, the way in which the body is implicated in learning has received scant attention in the research literature to date. A particular area of neglect relates to the significance of the perceiving, feeling, motile body in learning to enter the professions. Exploring learning with and through the lived body, as students endeavour to enact the practice of biotechnology, highlights features of the bodily grounds of  learning. Based on this inquiry, theoretical and educational implications are identified for understanding and promoting learning for the professions.

We are all patient-centred now, aren’t we? Lessons from new pharmacy graduates

Burrows, J., Dall’Alba, G., & La Caze, A.

Patient-centredness is considered integral to the delivery of modern healthcare. This longitudinal study explored the meaning and development of the practice of pharmacy graduates, leading to a focus on patient-centredness. 

Toward a critical unschooling pedagogy

Noah Romero

This paper outlines the theoretical, pedagogical, and philosophical framework for critical unschooling. Critical Unschooling is a student-centered and autonomous teaching and learning praxis rooted in decolonizing human rights education.