Assessment and Measurement


The purpose of the Assessment and Measurement SIG is to provide a forum where AARE members with an interest in educational assessment and measurement can meet to discuss relevant research, theory and its implications for classroom practice, and assessment policy.

Research interests:

Qualitative and quantitative approaches across all phases of education to:

  • classroom assessment, and
  • standardised assessment in education.

This includes:

  • approaches to formative and summative assessment including the relationship between assessment and learning;
  • feedback;
  • self- and peer assessment;
  • the impact of assessment on student learning;
  • the design of assessments;
  • the use of critieria and standards;
  • standards-setting procedures;
  • moderation practices;
  • the use of data;
  • measures of validity, reliability and fairness of assessment;
  • reporting practices; and
  • the role and relationship of teachers, students and parents in assessment practices.