Information for SIG Convenors

Information for SIG Convenors and Co-Convenors

Thank you for volunteering to be a SIG Convenor or Co-Convenor. As AARE is a member association, everything that is achieved is only possible because of the many hours of volunteer work that so many members provide. The volunteer work is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in the Association.

AARE funded SIG events

To access the resources and information to promote and run AARE funded events please see the Event support information page. This page is only available to SIG Convenors and you must log into the website to gain access. 

SIG Convenor Roles and Responsibilities

This role provides the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in your field and offers access to many networking opportunities.

Convenors actively: 

  • Liaise with the SIG Coordinator and, through the SIG Coordinator, the AARE Executive
  • Work collaboratively with the SIG Co-Convenor
  • Communicate regularly with members of the SIG to advise and disseminate developments in their field
  • Disseminate, if asked, any communications from the AARE Office directly to the SIG members

Convenor and Co-Convenor general responsibilities include:

  • Work in collaboration with SIG members to increase the membership of the SIG
  • Consult with SIG members regarding application for and expenditure of annual funding
  • Liaise with the SIG Coordinator and AARE office manager regarding administrative matters such as reimbursement of funds
  • Correspond with the SIG Coordinator to contribute items to the AARE newsletter in order to promote events and communicate with the broader association membership about activities and developments within the SIG
  • Liaise with the AARE Communications Officer to ensure that any events supported by AARE funding are appropriately acknowledged and promoted
  • Update and maintain the relevant SIG information on the AARE website
  • Provide an annual report on the SIG activities, especially if the SIG obtained either Annual or Competitive funds

Convenor and Co-Convenor conference-related responsibilities include:

  • Liaise with the conference organisers, the Chair of the Conference Standing Committee and the SIG Coordinator regarding preparation for the annual conference
  • Work with the Committee and the SIG Coordinator regarding preparation for the annual conference
  • Oversee the coordination of the review of abstracts of papers that have indicated that they belong within the relevant SIG
  • Coordinate the review of abstracts and papers relevant to their SIG. Full papers require two reviewers from within the SIG
  • Liaise with conference organisers to arrange an annual SIG dinner
  • Attend the SIG Convenors and Co-Convenors Meeting chaired by the SIG Coordinator at the annual AARE conference
  • Chair their SIG meeting held at the annual AARE conference

Term of office

The SIG Convenor holds the term of office for two years and may nominate for re- election for one consecutive two-year term. Should the position become vacant prior to the two-year term, the SIG Co-Convenor will normally assume the role of Convenor until a call for nominations is distributed by the SIG Coordinator. If only one nomination is received then the nominee will be confirmed in the position uncontested. If additional nominations are received, an election will be held. Newly elected Convenors will formally commence their new roles with an official handover at the relative SIG meeting at the AARE Annual Conference.


Further information and forms

SIG Funding information

SIG Funding application form

SIG Annual Funding report form

SIG Competitive Funding report form

Establishment of a SIG form

Request for event payment/reimbursement form (you must be logged in as a member to access this form).