Teachers' Work and Lives


Our SIG aims to enliven understandings about teachers' and school leaders’ work and lives through research that is conducted by/with/for teachers. We recognise teachers as educators and educational team leaders working in diverse settings including early childhood, primary and secondary schools, skills training institutions, universities (in particular Initial Teacher Education), and other discrete or alternative settings. We use a range of theoretical and methodological frameworks to contribute to understandings of the teaching profession that are personal/local/national/global.

The Teachers' Work and Lives (TWL) SIG welcomes scholarly contributions from teachers and academics at all career stages.

Teachers' Work and Lives SIG seeks to:

  • provide a forum within AARE for symposia addressing questions concerned with contemporary teachers' work and lives;
  • develop networks of researchers in the area of teachers' work and lives;
  • promote opportunities to publish and share research about teachers’ work and lives;
  • ensure a safe place within AARE that recognises research which promotes teachers’ voices;
  • foster and promote broad methodological approaches to research into teachers' work and lives; and
  • connect the work of the TWL SIG with other AARE SIGs.

Research interests (include, but are not limited to):

  • intersection of teachers’ work and lives;
  • impact of work on teacher and/or school leader wellbeing;
  • personal and professional changes of teachers and school leaders throughout their career;
  • professional learning and support for teachers at all career stages;
  • the teaching profession - professionalism and professionalisation;
  • complexity and types of teacher work in early childhood, school, vocational, and higher education systems;
  • relationships between teachers’ and school leaders’ experiences, current education policies, and education research;
  • comparative international perspectives on teachers’ work and lives; and
  • research into teachers’ and school leaders’ work and lives, conducted by academic researchers or, by the teachers and school leaders (e.g. action research).