Teachers' Work and Lives


The AARE Teachers' Work and Lives SIG is a group of academics, teachers, and others who are interested in how teachers' work and lives are organised and negotiated. We use theoretical frameworks drawn from psychology, sociology, philosophy and cultural studies, to better understand why people are drawn to teaching as a career, the experiences of beginning teachers, teachers' career professional development, the intersection between teachers' work and lives, changes across the teaching career lifespan, and issues associated with retention in the profession. 

  • foster and promote theoretical and empirical research into teachers' work and lives;
  • develop networks of researchers in the area of teachers' work and lives;
  • establish a forum within AARE for symposia addressing questions concerned with teachers' work and lives.

Research interests:

  • work of teachers in the K-12 education systems
  • work and the working lives of teachers in the higher education sector