Rural Education


The Rural Education Special Interest Group aims to foster and promote research and scholarly work into the needs of rural, regional and remote schools and other educational settings and their communities. 


A focus on rural education is imperative for the economic and social well being for vibrant and productive rural communities. Across Australia there are many different research groups focusing of the needs of rural schools and their communities. This SIG provides a place for these researchers to share their work and to build from each other's work. The SIG is a forum for dissemination as well as a platform to engage with policy makers. The SIG enables cross international opportunities with members from other Education Associations such as the Rural Education SIG in AERA.

Research interests:

  • Recruitment and retention of high quality (rural, regional and remote) teachers
  • Access and opportunity for professional learning and development opportunities and possibilities
  • Rural Youth - pathways, choices and opportunities
  • Rural families
  • Rural Community renewal
  • Indigenous education
  • Rural education and health