Health and Physical Education


The Health and Physical Education Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to bring together researchers with shared interests in health and physical education, as well as those who focus on the educational dimensions of health, physical activity and sport. The group includes scholars from a variety of areas within the field of health and physical education, including early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, tertiary education, adult education and broader social settings. The SIG seeks to promote and disseminate research based on an eclectic range of theoretical positions and research methods that can inform national and international policy and practice in the settings to which it pertains.

Research interests:

  • Curriculum studies in health and physical education
  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching health and physical education
  • Assessment practices in health and physical education
  • Studies of school health, wellbeing, sport or physical activity policies
  • Motor learning and motor development
  • School health promotion
  • Health and physical education teacher education
  • Studies of public pedagogies related to health or physical activity