Sociology of Education


The Sociology of Education SIG aims to:

  • build a network of researchers interested in sociological approaches to research in education and to stimulate debate and discussion,
  • pursue opportunities for advancing sociological analysis of education and sociology of education in broad terms,
  • encourage and support postgraduates and early career researchers working in the field of sociology of education, and
  • provide a basis for streams on the sociology of education at AARE conferences.

Research interests:

The Sociology of Education SIG has interests in empirical and conceptual research that engages with social theories of class, culture, identity and knowledge. 

The SIG focus is broad; it includes, among other things:

  • the social processes underpinning schooling,
  • workplace learning,
  • family/school relationships,
  • stratification,
  • globalisation, and

More information:

  • The Sociology of Education SIG has been established to create a visible and active community of sociologists in the field of education in close collaboration with our sister SIG in the Australian Sociological Association.
  • The Sociology of Education SIG communicates with members through AARE Newsletters and runs symposia and workshops annually.