MIssing Conferences

About the symposium

This 2 hour online symposium is being convened by the AARE Professional and Higher Education SIG co-convenors. The first question that we consider is whether conferences have gone missing at all. Is it possible that the routine work of face-to-face conferences has been distributed across new platforms for gathering academics and disseminating knowledge? What affordances do these new forms of gathering promise? What are their limits? The second question we consider is this: conferences may be missing, but are we missing conferences? How do we feel as we erase plans from the calendar, cancel tickets and ask for refunds? When conferences go missing do we miss our geographically distant friends and colleagues? And when face-to-face conferences are missing what else are scholars missing out on? The absence of conferences is an important opportunity to ask what they do for advancing ideas, fields of knowledge and scholars. It is also a period to ask questions about who is frequently ‘missing’ from conferences and to attend to the experiences of those who rely on the meeting and events industry to make a living.    

Speakers for this symposium include:

Judith Mair - Conferences: you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Agnes Bosanquet and Catherine Manathunga – Missing Conference Embodiment

Tai Peseta and Catherine Manathunga – Missing Conference Keynotes

Omolabake Fakunle – The Impact of Doctoral Students Missing Conferences

Emily Henderson – Always Already Missing Conferences


Hosts: The AARE Professional and Higher Education SIG.

When: Tue, 15 September 2020, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM AEST

Where: Zoom (link to follow upon registration)

Register: In advance for this symposium 

*Please note: This event will be recorded*  

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