2024 AARE Executive Committee


Results from the 2023 election of Executive Committee members were announced at the AARE 53rd Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 21st November 2023.  AARE will be supported by the following Executive Committee members for 2024:

Prof Julie McLeod President
Prof Annette Woods Secretary
Prof Michele Simons Treasurer
L/Prof Jennifer Gore President Elect
Dr Babak Dadvand SIG Coordinator
Dr Naomi Barnes Communications Coordinator
A/Prof Stewart Riddle AER Editor in Chief
A/Prof Joel Windle Research Development Coordinator
Dr Ben Zunica Ordinary Member ECR 
Ms Sarah Langman Ordinary Member PGS 
Prof Christopher Boyle Ordinary Member
Dr Greg Vass Ordinary Member
Dr Catherine Smith Conferences Standing Committee Chair
Mrs Amy Thomson Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Research SIG Member
Dr Candace Kruger Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Research SIG Member

Thank you and deep appreciation for the generosity of members who completed their term in 2023:

President Elect 2020, President 2021-2022,
Past President 2023
Prof Allyson Holbrook
SIG Coordinator (consecutive terms 2018-2023) A/Prof Ilektra Spandagou
Communications Coordinator (2023) Dr Amanda Levido
Ordinary member (2022-2023) Dr Olivia Johnston
Ordinary member ECR (2022-2023) Dr Ellen Larsen
Research Development Coordinator (2023) Prof Kalervo Gulson