2023 Call for nominations for the AARE Executive


AARE Executive Committee Election 2023

The AARE Executive offers opportunities to support the quality and reputation of education research in Australia, serve the research community, lead within the organisation, and to gain valuable Board experience.

We invite members to nominate for a role on the Executive Committee. 
>> 2023 Call for nominations for the AARE Executive

AARE’s volunteer office bearers play an integral role in enabling the association to advance its mission and purpose and to meet its corporate and legal obligations. Nominations for the following positions on the Executive Committee of AARE should be submitted to the AARE Secretary via the online form below by Friday 6th October 2023.


Outgoing Office Holder

Term to be filled

Position Description


Allyson Holbrook Immediate Past President

President Elect 2024;
President 2025-2026;
Immediate Past President 2027

Position Description

SIG Coordinator

Ilektra Spandagou

3 years 2024-2026

Position Description

Communication Coordinator

Amanda Levido
(appointed in 2022 to fill vacancy)

3 years 2024-2026

Position Description

Ordinary member

Olivia Johnston

2 years 2024-2025

Position Description

Ordinary member (ECR)

Ellen Larsen

2 years 2024-2025

Position Description

More information on how to nominate for the above roles and the Executive Office Bearer Policy can be found at the AARE website

>> Nominations should be submitted via the Executive Committee Nomination Form

The time, experience, and expertise invested by executive committee members is an invaluable asset for AARE and the education research community and Executive committee members derive a significant benefit from their participation through having a direct impact on causes they care deeply about and making a contribution worthy of recognition. 

Experience also tells us that serving on the Executive Committee will benefit members through: 

  • having a direct impact through service to a discipline they care deeply about
  • expanding professional networks
  • developing skills in Board membership and leadership
  • providing a sense of personal satisfaction at contributing to a major professional association

AARE members who are interested in finding out more about the positions open for election in 2023 are invited to contact current office bearers, President Julie McLeod, or Secretary Annette Woods via aare@aare.edu.au to learn more.