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Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership SIG was established following discussions among interested members (and friends) at the NZARE-AARE joint Conference in Auckland in 2003.

The SIG aims to:

  • promote, encourage and facilitate research in educational leadership, management and administration
  • foster collaborative research in educational leadership and management among members (and friends) of AARE, academic and practitioner;
  • develop networks of researchers interested in educational leadership and management
  • establish a forum within AARE to share research in this area eg. AARE Conference Symposiums.

Since its establishment, the SIG has successfully held Symposia at each AARE conference. Members regularly exchange information/network via the SIG member database.

As a result of our SIG meeting last year in Fremantle, we used the $800 SIG funding for 2015 to employ a Research Assistant who did a database search for PhD and Ed Doctoral theses published by Australian graduates in the past three years. We think you'll find this an extremely useful resource and it may be a very useful database for research and follow up in regard to key trends and directions in our field. 

Research Interests among members include (but are not limited to): educational leadership, management and administration encompassing a wide variety of specific interests therein, such as the principalship, change and its impact on leaders and leadership, leadership for organisational development, leadership theories, policy processes, aspirant leaders and so on.



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