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AARE has launched a new website
The Lend a Hand program asks those people registering for the conference to make a small contribution. This money will be used by AARE to offer bursaries to help subsidise non and low waged ECR and Postgraduate students attendance at the AARE conference. One hundred percent of money raised will go towards these bursaries, either for the current year or subsequent years.
2022 Conference - University of South AustraliaRecordings: Welcome to Country, Opening Keynote, Radford Lecture, Indigenous Keynote, Presidential Address, Awards Ceremonies.

Day 1. AARE 2022 Conference: Conference Open; Welcome To Country Uncle Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien; Opening Keynote George SiemensRefer to content time stamps below.

Day 1. AARE 2022 Conference: Radford Lecture Pat Thompson Refer to content time stamps below.

Day 2. AARE 2022 Conference: Ind...
Do you want to get your research in the news media? The Media Centre for Education Research Australia (MCERA) is able to help. 

MCERA is 'committed to improving the quality of research-informed education reporting in the news media' and is able to 'promote individual pieces of research in the media'.

AARE is a sponsor of this independent, not-for-profit national organisation. As the degree of support offered by MCERA in promoting your work is related...
After the keynote address by Professor Tracey Bunda at the 2019 annual AARE Conference, 55 Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars gathered in a show of unity following last year's AARE Statement of Reconciliation.

The group was wearing Dark + Disturbing t-shirts with messages that interrogate power structures and provide a platform for Aboriginal voice. The project is curated by the artist Vernon Ah Kee. Messages include 'becauseracism', 'aboriginalallthetime...
DO NOT USE THIS PAGE FOR EARLIER CONFERENCES USE BLOCKS2017 Conference, Hotel Realm, Canberra ACTKeynote Speaker Yvette Taylor
Dangerous Education: The occupational hazards of teaching queerlyView presentation

Keynote Speaker Nerida BlairResearching and storying in the in-between space: people not politicsView presentation

Keynote Speaker Greg NobleDoing diversity differently: multicultural education for a culturally complex worldView presentation

At the AARE conference in Sydney today, an Acknowledgement was delivered by the president on behalf of the members, apologising for any harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through past research practices and processes. WATCH VIDEO

Associations have done this in the past including the Australian Psychological Association in 2016. AARE encourages other Associations to consider what a process of acknowledging pasts and considering futures might provide.
AARE is pleased to announce that it has again been invited to host a symposium as part of the conference program at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) (University of Manchester, Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 September 2019).
AARE Executive - call for nominations, SIG Coordinator 

AARE welcomes people interested in becoming a member of the AARE Executive, in the role of Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinator, to nominate by Monday 25 February 2019. This role will be for one year initially with the opportunity to re nominate for a further term if willing.    
AARE acknowledges that the SIG's are the backbone of the Association and as such the SIG Coordinator has an important role and as such...