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AARE Conference Papers

AARE Conference papers for most years from 1978 are archived and accessible from this page.  Please note that papers from 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1983 are scanned PDFs and as such, neither the abstract nor the text are searchable.  All papers from 1989 onwards are fully searchable via title, author and keywords in the abstract and full text.  All Refereed Papers and many Abstract Refereed papers are available here.  

Papers listed as either 'Refereed Papers' (in which case the full paper has been double-blind refereed - see the Publication Details link for full details) or 'Abstract Refereed' (in which case the abstract only was reviewed for acceptance for the conference). 

 Publication Details

AARE conference proceedings meet Australian Government Department of Education and Training requirements for refereeing, F1 Conference Publications - Full written paper - Refereed. The 'Refereed Paper' status indicates that the full written paper was double-blind refereed by peers and revised to take into account the referees' recommendations. The paper is the full version of the conference paper (not the abstract or extended abstract), that was presented at the relevant AARE conference and meets the requirement to appear widely in a number of required formats, (e.g. a volume of proceedings, a special edition of a journal, a normal issue of a journal, a book or a monograph, CD-Rom or conference or organisational web site). Refereed Authors' affiliations and contact emails can be found on each paper.

Papers listed as 'Abstract Refereed' are non-refereed papers where only the abstract has been peer reviewed.


Copyright in individual conference papers in these collections remains with the relevant authors. Copyright in the annual collections of papers lies with AARE.
AARE generally has no objection to higher education institutions depositing copies of papers by their staff that were presented at an AARE Conference into their institutional online repository of research papers. However, we ask that full bibliographic details be given for the paper, including reference to its having been presented at the relevant AARE Conference, and that a permanent link be created to the AARE web page from the paper’s record in the archive.
The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for the collections of AARE Conference Proceedings is 1324-9320, Publication date of the Proceedings for citation purposes is the year in which the paper was presented.

Editors of Proceedings are listed below.

2016: Margaret Baguley

2015: Margaret Baguley

2014: Margaret Baguley

2013:  Julie White

2010 - 2012:  Jan Wright

1999 - 2009:  Peter Jeffrey

Prior to 1999:  N/A.  The full paper peer reviewing process was introduced in 1999.


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