Changes to higher education

At least six ways COVID has crushed higher education (now university managers make it worse)

By Fiona McGaughey, Richard Watermeyer and Kalpana Shankar

Even less work-life balance, anxiety around online skills, fears the pandemic will be used to crush academic autonomy

We Found Education Schools Across The Nation Are Victims Of Targeted Cuts But More Threats Are Looming

By Jo-Anne Reid

At every university around the country, academics in schools and faculties of Education have been hit hard.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, have lost their jobs. Many of them are people we know. Yet it is not easy to identify the particular staff who have ‘disappeared’ from classes, courses and schools of Education among the seventeen and

Online learning will never be a substitute for face-to-face

By Andrew Norton

In 2020 higher education student satisfaction with their ‘entire educational experience’ hit its lowest point since Australia’s national survey of current students began in 2011. But the detailed survey results, which cover many aspects of student life, paint a mixed picture. Despite an unexpected shift to online learning due to COVID-19 restrictions, satisfaction with many

Students with low ATARs from wealthier families first to gain from Pyne’s reforms

By Trevor Gale

We are being misled about a key plank of Christopher Pyne’s higher education reforms and, until now, the

Teacher selection and education set to be worst hit by Pyne’s uni fee deregulation

By Judith Gill

I believe it is of great importance that we preserve the public charter of our tertiary sector and

Wake up academia: time is running out to voice your objections to Abbott’s “reforms”

By Anna Sullivan

“Wake up, ” Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra Professor, Stephen Parker, told Australia’s academics in a passionate

Double standards and hypocrisy in Abbott Government’s higher education funding reforms

By Christopher Ziguras So far, the discussion of national higher education funding reforms has focused exclusively on Australian

Around the traps

Australian educational researchers continually produce world leading research findings that challenge the way we do things in schools

Pyne’s proposed changes to higher education will polarize institutions and students

By Trevor Gale

It is good news for many of us involved in higher education that the radical changes to higher

Online courses,fee hikes won’t improve quality of higher education

By Shirley Alexander

We need debate around much needed change in higher education. So the prediction by Peter Hartcher in The