Full time teaching and doing a PhD: researching my own students taught me a lot

By William Simon

I am a full-time high school teacher and part-time researcher, doing a Doctorate of Philosophy, trying to make meaning in an ever-changing world. My aim these days is to use my experience to enrich the learning of the ‘screenagers’ I teach. Anyone wanting to embark on a  similar pathway or is curious about my struggles

The voice of the child in 21st Century education matters, now more than ever

By Emer Ring

In education systems today there is a real danger of children’s voices being swamped by those of bureaucrats, economists and politicians. I believe to ensure we remain responsive to learners we have to listen and respond to what children have to say about the world around them. My particular concern is for the voices of

Positive personal attributes: why teachers need them and how teacher education can help (despite negative media)

By Nan Bahr

Positive personal attributes such as fairness, humour and kindness, I believe, should be considered necessary attributes for a teacher. Currently much of the discussion around ‘quality’ teaching, teacher entry and teacher education is about a suite of high-level competencies and standards. However the nature of teachers’ work and the uniqueness of the education profession should

Why teachers and academics should use Facebook and Twitter

By Catherine Lang

University students and most secondary school students today carry connected devices with them at all times. They constantly inhabit various forms of social media, which seem to be continually evolving. I want to share with you how I have used this to engage my pre-service education students. I believe social media provides a suite of

Pokémon Go in schools: should teachers be using it?

By Bronwyn Stuckey

Pokémon Go has been sweeping the world like no other game before it. Since its launch in Australia on July 6th this year it has trended on every form of social media. So what is it, where did it come from? And most importantly, as educators how excited should we be about it? What is

Resources for primary schools with transgender students: latest research

By Clare Bartholomaeus

Debates surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition in Australia, particularly comments by conservative politicians and lobby groups, show that gender diversity is not only marginalised, it is largely misunderstood. How gender diversity is misunderstood An increasing number of young children are reporting a gender that differs from that expected of their sex assigned at birth. Rather

How young people are changing the way Australians vote and act as citizens

By Keith Heggart

My research interests are closely aligned to the development of civics and citizenship education. Specifically, I am curious

What’s a Good Education System Worth?

By Nicole Mockler

The Turnbull Government’s education election manifesto, Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes claims (several times over) that when it comes to the funding of schooling, it matters less how much is spent and more how the resources are spent. This is a convenient argument for a government chasing a budget surplus, and the Turnbull Government makes no

How Australian schools are teaching languages through video-conferencing: your school can do it too!

By Yvette Slaughter

Many schools across Victoria struggle to meet the government’s  legislative requirement of providing a curriculum covering the eight