Primary school experiences of intercountry adoptee children in Australia: the lasting affect of pre-adoption experiences

By Tracey Sempowicz

The movie “Lion” is a snapshot into the life of Saroo Brierley who was born in India and adopted by a Tasmanian couple. As a young adult he searches for and finds, against all odds, his birth mother and sister. The story had its poignant moments for me personally as the mother of three adoptive

Why is NSW dumbing down HSC English? ( no novels, no poetry required)

By Jackie Manuel

I am deeply concerned about changes to the HSC English syllabus. Contrary to public statements by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) about increasing rigor, I believe the changes dumb-down the senior English curriculum in alarming ways. The most concerning changes Students will no longer be required to study a novel and poetry Prior to

Direct link between teaching and learning with laptops and better HSC results in biology, chemistry and physics

By Simon Crook

Most Australian students in years 9 to 12 were provided with a laptop courtesy of The Digital Education

A different kind of academic performance: using the arts to address sexism in Australian universities

By Emily Gray and Mindy Blaise and Linda Knight

The 2015 Australian census data establishes that women make up 56.7% of the staff in Australian universities, yet

A new phonics test for Australian six year olds is a BAD idea

By Robyn Ewing

The recent announcement by Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, of a nation-wide phonics assessment for six year olds is of great concern to me. I believe, as do many of my fellow literacy expert colleagues, this new test will not help improve our literacy levels. Australian children have been “marking time” or “falling behind” when compared on international

Understanding educational theory: vital or a waste of time for student teachers?

By Naomi Barnes

My student teachers often question the value of educational theory in their initial teacher education. Also often early

Media Centre for Educational Research in Australia: what it is and why we need it

By Anna Sullivan

Australian educational research is world class. Work by our educational researchers is regularly published worldwide and is often

What do you want to be when you grow up? How children develop aspirations and why it’s important to know

By Nathan Berger

We ask this question of children almost as soon as they can speak: What do you want to

The NSW Education Standards Authority responds to Charlotte Pezaro’s post: Specialist maths and science teachers in primary schools are part – a key part – of the solution

By Peter Lee

This blog post is a response to Charlotte’s Pezaro’s post Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools