National Evidence Base for educational policy: a good idea or half-baked plan?

By James Ladwig

The recent call for a ‘national education evidence base’ by the Australian Government came as no surprise to Australian educators. The idea is that we need to gather evidence, nationally, on which education policies, programs and teaching practices work in order for governments to spend money wisely on education. There have long been arguments that

You should encourage your children to play video games, here’s why

By Alberto Posso and Vincent Trundle

We have evidence that teenagers who regularly play online video games get higher than average grades in OECD-administered maths, science, and reading exams. So we should be past asking if playing video games can help with schoolwork. What really does matter is not just if games can help, but what games can help and why.

Real-time coaching and how it helps educate new teachers: latest research

By Garth Stahl and Erica J. Sharplin and Ben Kehrwald

Teacher training institutions across Australia are constantly striving to improve the way they educate our future teachers. As teacher educators we know how important it is to give our teachers an effective launch into their careers. This means helping our students develop a wide range of teaching skills and knowledge but also a resilient disposition.

Australopedia is teaching Australian children the power of storytelling

By Rosemary Ross Johnston

I believe in the power of story. Storytelling is the way we make sense of our lives, and the lives of others; it’s part of every discipline, every thought, every image. It’s part of running a restaurant as well as running the Olympics, of window dressing as well as quantum physics. Could you imagine Brian

Why Simon Birmingham is wrong about school funding

By Bronwyn Hinz

Education ministers from all of Australia’s governments, state, territory and Commonwealth, met on Friday to begin negotiations over school funding. Various claims have been made and strong positions taken. The Turnbull government’s education minister, Simon Birmingham, has claimed the model of school funding famously recommended by David Gonski had been “corrupted” by deals made with

Fast policy: when educational research morphs into quick fixes and ‘silver bullets’

By Steven Lewis and Anna Hogan

Education is increasingly positioned as a problem in need of fixing. Faced with demands for accountability and transparency

NSW Education Standards Authority: is this new authority genuine reform or political spin?

By Nan Bahr and Donna Pendergast

A key recommendation of the recently released Review of the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) is a call for “a more risk based approach to the Authority’s regulatory work”. The BOSTES, renamed in the review as the NSW Education Standards Authority, is the authority that governs school education standards in New

Full time teaching and doing a PhD: researching my own students taught me a lot

By William Simon

I am a full-time high school teacher and part-time researcher, doing a Doctorate of Philosophy, trying to make

How I blog for personal professional development: you can do it too

By Naomi Barnes

Why write blog posts? I write about whatever it is I want to yell to the rooftops at