Here’s what is wrong with testing teachers and Teach For Australia

By Keith Heggart

Soul-searching and navel gazing into the quality of teaching and teacher education in Australia has been rife lately. There were already concerns about the decline in Australia’s international rankings. Then came the Grattan Report that identified a lack of engagement amongst large numbers of students in Australia’s schools. More recently we have series showing on

Why Australia should not follow (English politician) Nick Gibb’s advice on how to run our schools

By Amanda Keddie

As an Australian educator and researcher, I am regularly taken aback by what seems to be a residual cultural cringe when we turn to other countries for insight and inspiration about education. I believe all the insight and inspiration Australian politicians and policy makers need is right here! Australia has a long history of rich

Preparing children for work. Is this the best we can do for our students?

By Don Carter

I am concerned that recent reforms to the NSW Higher School Certificate are based on a narrowly conceived

Is something going wrong with rural and remote education in Australia? (Or is it all about perception?)

By Philip Roberts

The Australian government has launched a new independent review into regional, rural and remote education, with the aim

The four challenges Australia faces to improve the digital literacy of new teachers

By Jane Hunter

The digital literacy of pre-service teachers was put in the spotlight recently. A report on the review of teaching information and communication technologies in initial teacher education received considerable media attention when new NSW education minister, Rob Stokes, released it. The 49-page report, if you’d like to read it, is largely positive. However when Minister

The study of novels and poetry is essential for senior secondary students

By Rosemary Ross Johnston

The serious dumbing down of the senior English syllabus in NSW will have significant repercussions for students, employers,

Primary school experiences of intercountry adoptee children in Australia: the lasting affect of pre-adoption experiences

By Tracey Sempowicz

The movie “Lion” is a snapshot into the life of Saroo Brierley who was born in India and

Why is NSW dumbing down HSC English? ( no novels, no poetry required)

By Jackie Manuel

I am deeply concerned about changes to the HSC English syllabus. Contrary to public statements by the NSW

Direct link between teaching and learning with laptops and better HSC results in biology, chemistry and physics

By Simon Crook

Most Australian students in years 9 to 12 were provided with a laptop courtesy of The Digital Education