How To Transport Our Understanding Of First Nations Cultures To Abundant Futures

By April Phillips and Scott Rankin

Big hART’s Creative Learning Producer, April Phillips, and Scott Rankin CEO reflect on the elements, process and approach of co-creating an ambitious First Nations led education project with the community of Ieramugadu (Roebourne), in the Pilbara W.A. In the education sector, First Nations content and knowledge is widely accepted as rich, layered and highly important.

Alan Tudge’s understanding of our history deserves a fail

By Keith Heggart, Peter Brett and Sophie Fenton

The Federal Minister for Education Alan Tudge says the draft History and Civics and Citizenship curriculum is not

What you should know about physical literacy

By Trent Brown and Rachael Whittle

On Monday, we posted on the very real challenges facing those who teach PE on Zoom. Today we

Why it’s a nightmare to use Zoom to get moving

By Vaughan Cruickshank, Shane Pill and Casey Mainsbridge

Schools around Australia were forced into online delivery of physical education (PE) in Term 2, 2020, due to measures taken to suppress and restrict the spread of Covid-19. We looked at what really happened in classrooms. The results show us exactly how marginalised PE became. What we found in our research, ‘Just do some physical

Learning is not a race but politicians think it is. Now wellbeing is in peril.

By George Variyan

Pasi Salhberg is right, we need to prioritise wellbeing during the endless lockdowns many of us are enduring.

At least six ways COVID has crushed higher education (now university managers make it worse)

By Fiona McGaughey, Richard Watermeyer and Kalpana Shankar

Even less work-life balance, anxiety around online skills, fears the pandemic will be used to crush academic autonomy

Why homeschool? It gets complicated now

By Rebecca English

A new way to think about homeschoolers: accidentals and deliberates When you think about a homeschooler, what pops into your head?  Is it a fundamentalist Christian, reflexively avoiding the secular world that is perceived as dangerous?  Perhaps it’s a hot-housed, overachieving wunderkind whose music or sport makes attendance at school impossible?  Is it a child

Want to crush climate catastrophe? You better develop engineers early

By Elena Prieto

To face many of the challenges of climate change or pandemic recovery, we need STEM workers in Australia

Seven great ways to connect with students during snap lockdowns

By Angela Page, Jennifer Charteris, Joanna Anderson and Chris Boyle

This research might be about students with added learning needs but could easily apply to all students. The snap school lockdowns required to combat the Delta variant of Covid-19 disproportionately affect different cohorts of students and teachers.  When the first school lockdowns were implemented in NSW in 2020, a group of researchers undertook a study

Why we must abandon the 2021 HSC now

By Carol Reid

A  stop-start directive to return to schools has been going on for over a month and produced anxieties for teachers, students and their families.  How can we respond to the confusion this has produced, particularly regarding Year 12 students? The argument mounted here is that there really is only one way to respond and that