Resources for primary schools with transgender students: latest research

By Clare Bartholomaeus

Debates surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition in Australia, particularly comments by conservative politicians and lobby groups, show that gender diversity is not only marginalised, it is largely misunderstood. How gender diversity is misunderstood An increasing number of young children are reporting a gender that differs from that expected of their sex assigned at birth. Rather

How young people are changing the way Australians vote and act as citizens

By Keith Heggart

My research interests are closely aligned to the development of civics and citizenship education. Specifically, I am curious

What’s a Good Education System Worth?

By Nicole Mockler

The Turnbull Government’s education election manifesto, Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes claims (several times over) that when it comes to the funding of schooling, it matters less how much is spent and more how the resources are spent. This is a convenient argument for a government chasing a budget surplus, and the Turnbull Government makes no

How Australian schools are teaching languages through video-conferencing: your school can do it too!

By Yvette Slaughter

Many schools across Victoria struggle to meet the government’s  legislative requirement of providing a curriculum covering the eight

What is happening with higher education in this election? (Yes you should be worried)

By Marcia Devlin

You might share my concerns about what is looming for higher education in the coming election. A returned

Keyboarding, handwriting or both for 21st century learning?

By Noella Mackenzie

Think about the writing you do each day and what tools you use to do it. If you

Is ‘pedagogical love’ the secret to Finland’s educational success?

By Tom Stehlik

Teachers and teacher educators in Finland are well aware that Finnish schoolchildren perform well in academic metrics such as PISA, but they seem much more concerned that their children are happy. It was something that impressed me immensely when I visited the country. The wellbeing of children is central to Finnish society and culture and

The power of reading aloud: not just for babies and little children

By Rosemary Johnston

A recent study on children’s reading found that fewer children are reading for fun. Worse, as children grow up the less they read for fun. Does it matter if children don’t read for fun? They are (sort of) reading on devices and mobiles and using social media anyway. And isn’t this mostly for fun? I

How the Alexander Technique could be used in schools

By Gary Levy

The Alexander Technique is an untapped resource for students and teachers The legacy of an under-recognised 19th century