Is this what Dan Tehan means by ‘back to basics’? The Mparntwe Declaration

By Melitta Hogarth

The Mparntwe Declaration was released at the end of last year.  I do not use the official full title of the document on purpose.  I do this as a final hurrah to 2019, the Year of Indigenous Languages and I do this because, as was pointed out, this was the first time a national education

2019 REPORT CARD for Australia’s national efforts in education

By David Zyngier

It’s the end of the school year and school reports are being sent home. Let’s imagine every Australian

Help refugee students transition to tertiary ed and everyone wins

By Sonal Singh

Young people from refugee backgrounds face a raft of complex challenges when entering the Australian education system, stemming

Over 180 literacy educators voice their concerns over Dan Tehan’s expert task force on reading

By Literacy Educators

This open letter voices the concerns of over 180 literacy educators on the composition (and implied terms of reference) of the “expert task force” created to advise the Australian Government on the teaching of phonics and reading. In his press release of 15th October 2019, the Federal Minister for Education, the Honourable Dan Tehan, announced

Three school spaces where children feel they can belong and learn

By Aspa Baroutsis

Schooling is not always a pleasant experience for children and young people. School experiences can be alienating for some and can lead to marginalisation, disengagement and risk of dropping out of school completely. Almost one in five young people are affected this way. For disenfranchised children such as these, alternative schooling can offer a second

Girls ask friends for help first: a need to redesign online safety protocols

By Roberta Thompson

“put on some clothes and stop posting slutty photos” Year 7 girl commenting about other girls her age

The invisible and invaluable work of female school principals

By Katrina MacDonald

Women are more likely to be principals in schools serving highly disadvantaged communities. This has implications in terms

Evidence on what doesn’t work for very remote schools (attendance strategies) and what does

By John Guenther

The Australian school information website My School was launched in January 2010. In the initial press release of the website, the Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, which runs the site, stated We expect the data will benefit parents, schools, governments and the wider community to better understand school performance. Now, with

Are you an academic labouring for social media impact? Here’s a must-read

By Naomi Barnes

You don’t have to look far to find online blogs and essays encouraging educators to use social media.