‘Rigor and grit’ in US charter schools and why it would be so wrong for Australia

By Garth Stahl

Charter schools represent an important era for public education in the United States, with unprecedented private resources being

Three major concerns with teacher education reforms in Australia

By Martin Mills and Merrilyn Goos

We are deeply concerned about advice the Australian Government has been given on teacher education. We believe it is seriously flawed. The advice has led, and is leading, to major reforms to teacher education throughout Australia. Teacher educators and educational researchers like ourselves would like the public to know what is happening. Significantly we want

How the national phonics test is failing England and why it will fail Australia too

By Misty Adoniou

A national test of phonics skills will not improve faltering literacy standards in Australia. The test is being imported from England where it has been in place since 2011. It has failed to improve national standards in reading in England. Instead the phonics frenzy of testing and practicing nonsense words that has accompanied the implementation

Nurturing mindfulness and growth mindset in the classroom

By Jasmine Green and Andrew Martin

In the same way a gardener cannot force a seed or plant to grow, neither can a teacher

New research on school climate and how it impacts on bullying and delinquent behaviour

By Jill Aldridge and Katrina McChesney and Ernest Afari

Schooling in Australia today seems to be increasingly focused on content and assessment. We have an obsession with

Not good enough Minister. Open letter to Simon Birmingham condemning lack of action on flawed education website

By Linda Graham and Ilektra Spandagou

  We are academics who specialise in the field of Inclusive Education. We wrote an AARE Blog post

Self harm by Australian high school students: latest research on who might do it and how to help

By Sarah Stanford

Walk into any high school and you can be confident that there are young people who self-harm. Research

Critical educational reforms and dirty toilets: being honest about blockages and contradictions

By Michael Apple

Large numbers of educators, community activists, and social movements are rightly deeply involved in the struggles for a

Serious flaws in how PISA measured student behaviour and how Australian media reported the results

By Alan Reid

International student performance test results can spark media frenzy around the world. Results and rankings published by the