The insidious way the new curriculum undermines democracy

By Peter Brett

The public’s mind is focused upon politics in the final week of a bruising election campaign. The language

Ditch the widgets. Start investing in their amazing futures

By Daniel Edwards

The cost of teaching a student from a low SES background is significantly higher than for more advantaged

A vital message for teachers everywhere: how to help traumatised students

By Tebeje Molla and Damian Blake

We are constantly exposed to life-threatening events that result in trauma. Natural disasters such as seasonal bushfires and floods have affected millions of Australians. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought about loss of life, extended isolation, and exposure to increased domestic violence— for some youth, all these events can be traumatic.   Likewise, human-induced traumatic events

Why the markets can never teach us how to care for the aged

By Mary Leahy

In the lead up to the Federal election, aged care has emerged as a major point of difference

Why we must urgently rescue arts education now

By Robyn Ewing

Australian governments have taken a limited view of the Arts, artists and the imperative of quality arts education for our children and young people for decades. They have neglected or ignored the research that education in, about and through the Arts, especially when authentically integrated across the curriculum, is a strong predictor of long term

The fascinating reasons why some students will never go back to school

By Rebecca English

While homeschool, distance education and pandemic school are terms that were used interchangeably during the pandemic, when schools

There are definitely better ways to teach reading

By Kate de Bruin, Pamela Snow, Linda Graham, Tanya Serry and Jacinta Conway.

.  Recent blog posts and articles in The Age have yet again stirred debates about the reading wars.

The truth: what our students really learn about Anzac Day

By Alison Bedford and Naomi Barnes

Students taught “hatred” of the nation (even the PM thinks so). Teachers are duds. That’s the backdrop for

Is this now the Federal government’s most bone-headed idea ever?

By Inger Mewburn

Apparently international PhD students in Australia now have to seek ministerial approval to change their thesis topic or