Three days to go: the great education reckoning as parties eye the election prize

By Mihajla Gavin, Meghan Stacey, Susan McGrath-Champ and Rachel Wilson

The ‘education election’? Before heading to the polling booths this Saturday, we take stock of how the major political parties, and the newly formed Public Education Party, stack up over their policies and priorities for education.  It has been a difficult time for public education over the last decade. Research has documented that the teaching

Universities Accord: Why this urgent deadline is mission (almost) impossible

By Andrew Norton

Every year Job-ready Graduates continues, with the top student contribution now above $15,000 a year, students charged this amount sink further into a debt that will take them many years, and potentially decades, to pay off.

Could this one thing make students love school again?

By Linda Lorenza and Don Carter

School refusal has been labelled a “national trend” by the Senate education committee. Primary and secondary children are

Politicians screaming HALT: Why teachers now need so much more than this

By Steven Kolber and John Cole

The Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) program has been called a “badge searching for a role” but

Can your canteen make money? Depends where you live

By Anna Hogan and Greg Thompson

Parent and Citizen Associations are traditionally linked to school fundraising  through cake stalls, fetes and trivia nights. Now

Why do teachers have bigger workloads now?

By Meghan Stacey, Susan McGrath-Champ and Rachel Wilson

It’s nothing new to say that teachers are experiencing increased workload. But where does this increased workload come from? Some media reports suggest it is due to student behaviour problems or demanding parents, but what do teachers themselves report? In a recent article published in the Journal of Educational Change (which is free to access

Pausing NAPLAN did not destroy society – but new changes might not fix the future

By Susanne Gannon and Lucinda McKnight

NAPLAN is again in the news. Last week, it was the Ministers tinkering with NAPLAN reporting and timing.

How to fix the teacher shortage

By Chandravadan Shah, Paul Richardson and Helen Watt

Teacher shortages are not a new thing. It is difficult to envisage a time when every school in

Dear Premier, this will not work. Not now, not ever

By Jessica Holloway

A select number of teachers in NSW will soon be eligible for increased salaries of up to $152,000. This comes at a time when schools across Australia are facing devastating teacher shortages, while dwindling numbers of prospective teachers are pursuing teaching as a career. According to NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, “This is seismic reform that

Screen panic: how much time is too much?

By John Fischetti, Simon Vaughan and Kylie Shaw

Smart devices are powerful tools that can assist teaching and learning. Each device on its own is a personal assistant, a massive library, media creator, communications hub, language translator and entertainment centre on our desk or right in our hands.  They can also cause harm. Adults worry about addiction, constant distraction and a technological dystopia