The flawed thinking behind a mandatory phonics screening test

By Paul Gardner

The New South Wales Government recently announced it intends to “trial an optional phonics screening test” for Year One students. This seems to be following a similar pattern to South Australia where the test, developed in the UK, was first trialled in 2017 and is now imposed on all public schools in the state. The

Education shaped by big data and Silicon Valley. Is this what we want for Australia?

By Rachel Buchanan and Amy McPherson

The recent banning of smart phones in public schools by several state governments shows Australian policymakers are concerned about children’s use of technology and social media in school time. But what about the way our schools use digital technologies and, in particular, how the data collected by schools about our children is being used? We

How can a ‘learn by making mistakes’ approach work for outdoor education teachers?

By Samuel Cure and Allen Hill and Vaughan Cruickshank

Within many contemporary social, workplace and sporting contexts, mistakes are often perceived to be negative, resulting in underperformance

What if compulsory schooling was a 21st Century invention?

By Jason McGrath and John Fischetti

There are many long-running debates in Australia around the schooling our children. Often the battle lines are drawn

Teacher targeted bullying in Australian schools

By Paulina Billett and Rochelle Fogelgarn and Edgar Burns

The problem of teachers being bullied and harassed by students and parents has been heavily canvased in mainstream

Our university workforce has become a fragmented, casualised ‘gig economy’. The problems we face

By Paul Richardson and Amanda Heffernan

The quality and integrity of higher education in Australia is dependent on the quality of the academics who staff our universities. The supply pipeline of the academic workforce needs careful planning if it is to continue to be effectively renewed by fully rounded academics who are engaged in research and can contribute to sustaining the

Re-imagining education for democracy in these politically troubled times

By Stewart Riddle

Everywhere one cares to look, democracy is in trouble—from the catastrophic social and economic collapse in Venezuela, through

Q:Which major party will fully fund public schools? A:None. Here’s what’s happening

By Deb Hayes

You would be forgiven for thinking that policy related to schooling is not a major issue in Australia.