New help for regional students thinking of taking a gap year

By Alison Grove O'Grady, Samantha McMahon and Catherine (Kate) Smyth

Taking a gap year is a popular choice for school leavers, and may be even more so in the current pandemic climate. However, research tells us when regional students take a gap year they are much less likely to transition on to university than their metropolitan counterparts who take a gap year. We are not

Why women are under represented in teacher union leadership – and why this needs to change

By Mihajla Gavin, Meghan Stacey, Susan McGrath-Champ and Rachel Wilson

Amidst declining union influence, teacher unions have retained considerable power. However in Australia, while females overwhelmingly occupy the majority of teaching positions and teacher union membership, it is the women who are finding union leadership and activism increasingly difficult. We decided to look more closely at what affects the participation of women in their teacher

TikTok teachers go viral in these #COVID-19 times

By Catherine Hartung, Natalie Hendry and Rosie Welch

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing apps, with an estimated two billion total downloads since its inception, including more than 1.4 million monthly active users in Australia. Much of TikTok’s success has been attributed to its appeal among children and young people. However, during COVID-19 lockdowns, a growing number of teachers have found

Politicisation of teaching Chinese language in Australian classrooms today

By Michiko Weinmann, Rod Neilsen and Sophia Slavich

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asia-Pacific region is increasingly embroiled in an atmosphere of

Pandemic Collection: Reflections on inequities amplified by the COVID-19 global crisis

By Amy McKernan, Nicky Dulfer, Jessica Gerrard, Ligia (Licho) López López, Sophie Rudolph, Rhonda Di Biase, Bonita Cabiles and Michelle Cafini

The pieces in this collection are our reflections on the ongoing inequities in education that have been amplified

The importance of networks for career advancement in academia

By Troy Heffernan

From the first day I was employed in the university sector I got the impression I was working in a fairly corporatised and business-like environment. There were performance benchmarks, far more conversations about budgets than I expected, and it was clear that exceeding targets could result in a promotion. However, there was also something else.

Beginner teachers are NOT under prepared and NOT bad at managing behaviour. Here’s the evidence

By Linda Graham, Sonia White, Kathy Cologon and Robert Pianta

For years claims have been circulating that newly graduated teachers are under prepared to teach in today’s often challenging classrooms, and that they are bad at classroom management. Thanks to mainstream media interest, and critics within education circles, these claims have led to an increasing array of government interventions in Initial Teacher Education in universities

What’s not to love in the new Closing The Gap agreement? Well, these two targets

By Melitta Hogarth

I want to love the new National Agreement on Closing the Gap.  I want to be able to

Changes to career advice needed now more than ever

By Sarah O’Shea and Olivia Groves

The recently released report into post-schooling pathways in Australia has presented a challenging picture of how career advice needs to be reconsidered in the current employment and health climate. The Report of the Review of Senior Secondary Pathways into Work, Further Education and Training identifies that many career strategies used in Australian schools rely on

Is COVID-19 heralding a new way of the media representing teachers?

By Jane Wilkinson and Katrina MacDonald

The sport and politics of teacher bashing, and in particular teacher union bashing, has a long and inglorious history in the Australian media. Whether this is connected to an anti-intellectual bias in Australian society, the glorification of sport and the physical as opposed to the intellect, is unclear. However research suggests that mainstream media plays