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President's Report

Martin Mills

Welcome to the September AARE newsletter.

A lot of wonderful work is happening within the Association as indicated by the various reports in this edition.

It is with great delight that we can announce that Professor Sid Bourke has been awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Association. Please see his nomination in this newsletter for details about the tremendous contributions he has made to the Australian research community and to AARE in particular. Honorary Life Membership was once only awarded to members who had retired. However, in current times it is apparent that working lives go on much longer than was once the case and that they take many forms. Retirement we are pleased to say is no longer necessary to be nominated for this major AARE award.

AARE has signed a contract with Routledge for a book series, Local/Global Issues in Education, that will showcase the work of Australian researchers to an international audience. The first of these books will be launched at the Fremantle conference. Do please consider submitting a proposal to this series. There are also benefits to all our members from our arrangement with Routledge in terms of discounts on the full range of Routledge books and there will be other special discounts from time to time. The website will detail these in the very near future.

Many of our members are currently at the European Conference in Educational Research (ECER) in Budapest and there will also be the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Conference in Belfast soon. It is always very pleasing to see so many Australian researchers, from all career stages, lifting the profile of Australian research at these conferences. Discussions are being held with ECER in relation to associate membership of their organisation. We already have a very close relationship with BERA and this will be enhanced over the next month. We have an allocated symposium spot at BERA for which the highlighted symposia from our AARE conference can nominate. This year Clarence Ng will be representing AARE in Belfast with the symposium titled, ‘Learning Sciences Institute Australia: Context, disengagement and re-engagement for success among disadvantaged children and youth in mainstream and alternative education’.

There are on-going discussions with State Departments of Education about the ways in which we can work together to support educational research across Australia. Please see Val’s report in this newsletter for more detail. However, of note is the panel discussion that will occur in Fremantle on ARC Linkage grants where our members from State Departments of Education will outline priorities, processes and key tips for partnering with them on ARC applications.

The 2015 funded strategic initiatives have both been completed. Many of the presentations from the Summit on Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour are available for view on the website. Expressions of Interest are currently being sought for the next round. Please see the website.

Many people follow the AARE blog; many thanks to Maralyn Parker (along with Nicole Mockler) for attracting such a diversity of contributions. If you have a recent paper, an idea or a strong opinion that can be converted into a blog do please contact Maralyn. She provides outstanding assistance to ensure that it is accessible, the right length and has the potential to be more widely circulated.

Thanks to all of those associated with organising the AARE conference in Fremantle, especially Margaret Baguley. It is a mammoth task. I know that the committee is trying to accommodate as many of the requests that they can; if they are unable to meet any, it is certainly not from a lack of trying. Thanks to all of those who have been understanding in this regard.

Finally, nominations for Executive positions are currently open and close on the 18th September. Do please consider nominating someone or yourself for one of these positions.

Many thanks,

Martin Mills



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