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Research Development


On 13 April 2015 a meeting was held via teleconference with Sue Shore and Anne Szadura from ACDE and cADRE.

The aims of the meeting were:

  • to propose that AARE work together with ACDE /cADRE for a more co-ordinated and powerful approach to disseminate, co-ordinate and manage quality research completed by academics nationally.
  • to identify potential for collaborative research.
  • to raise particular issues for collaboration such as greater media recognition of the quality research conducted by researchers rather than think tanks
  • to raise the power of the collective, co-ordinated voice ie ACDE, cADRE, AARE

The key ideas to emerge from the discussion included:

  • cADRE represents 43/44 institutions and constitutes a considerable research group
  • useful if AARE could develop a database of research based on research of current SIG members (26)
  • SIGs such as Politics and Policy, Teacher Education and Doctoral Research have immediate relevance to current debates
  • Potential research space to be opened up for greater collaboration eg Research Leadership, Management, Development, Capacity Building
  • Discussion of AARE, ARDEN and ACDE former collaboration and website development including Living in a 2.2 world and a further 4 more associated projects.  Need to take this work forward and possible implication for action for Terri Seddon, Anne and Sue.
  • Amy Cutter-Mackenzie from Southern Cross University has compiled a spreadsheet that tracks successful ARC grants from 2009 – 2014.  Potential here for an analysis to identify: 1. Key issues granted funding at a national level 2. Identification of patterns and trends for each jurisdiction at a more local level.  Further analysis would be possible to identify 3 or 4 areas for future research development and uptake by cADRE and AARE.
  • ACDE has an interest both in educational research generally and pre-service and teacher research specifically.
  • Media savvy academics to be cultivated to represent the profession.

Martin Mills followed up by representing AARE at the ACDE steering group meeting on 22 April 2015.

A teleconference with was held with Belinda Richardson and her colleagues (Julie Ryan and Nathan Cassidy) at Universities Australia to inform them of the role of AARE and to identify how we might be able to promote quality research completed by members.  We were informed of the Keep it Clever website It appears that there is a lack of quality Social Sciences and Humanities contributions.  The person to contact to disseminte your research is Liz Long who is the central access point to get material up on the website. Her details are and contact number is 02 6285 8130.

On 20 May I attended the REN meeting via teleconference.  I was able to report that the trial of the National Application Form for researchers who require approval from more than one educational jurisdiction to conduct research in Australia was now available on the AARE website

On 27 May, Martin and I also met with DET senior officers Annette Whitehead, (Deputy Director-General Policy, Perfomance and Planning), and Pia St Clair, (Assistant Director-General Strategic Policy and Intergovernmental Relations). The purpose of the meeting was to inform DET of AARE and the purpose of the association to support and strengthen major research partnerships and networks for the Australian educational research community.  It was suggested that to inform other Departments of Education across Australia of AARE’s role that a letter be drafted to be sent out by Dr Jim Watterson (Director General, DET) to invite other senior colleagues in the other State Departments to contact Martin or myself directly to follow up.

Professor Val Klenowski,

Faculty of Education

Queensland University of Technology

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