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AARE Blog: EduResearch Matters


Do you know about EduResearch Matters, the AARE Blog?  Each week, a member of our community contributes a short post in the name of sharing their work with the world at large.  

The blog is great way to engage with colleagues nationally and also get your own work and ideas 'out there' into the public space.  March 2015 was a big month for us, with over 3000 visits to the blog in this single month.  Some of the most popular posts on the blog have had over 5000 views since their initial posting.

To visit the blog and access current and past posts, go to

How can I help?

Please Subscribe!

Visit the front page of the blog and enter your email address to receive a weekly 'taster' email that will enable you to click straight through to the current post.  We are trying hard at the moment to expand our subscriber base, which is an important part of building the blog's profile. 

Please Visit, Engage and Share!

If you're active on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, please share posts within your networks.  The more our posts are shared, the larger our following will become, and the more effective the blog will be as a pathway for disseminating our work. 

Please Contribute!

We are always looking for contributions to the blog.  We welcome articles of 500-750 words that are:

  • opinion pieces
  • responses to policies
  • short reports on your research
  • anecdotes about exciting moments/epiphanies/encounters experienced by educational researchers

Our intended audience is the broad community. It includes parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, journalists and politicians.

Please consider contributing and/or encourage colleagues in your institution and networks to contribute.

Feel free to contact either of us to talk through a possible contribution, to share a recent paper or publication you think could be converted into a post, or to submit a draft post.   Maralyn provides excellent editorial support and advice, especially to first time bloggers!

Nicole Mockler (AARE Communications Co-ordinator,
Maralyn Parker (AARE Blog Manager

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