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June 2015, No. 90

President's Report

Martin Mills

Welcome to the second AARE newsletter of the year.
The newsletter serves to keep members up to date with what is happening in the Association, to provide information about member events that have occurred and to act as an avenue for members to share stories and alert others to matters of interest to each other. I hope that you find it meets these aims and purposes, and that you look forward to it appearing in your e-mail in-box.


Conference News

The 2015 AARE Conference planning is progressing well and the draft block program is almost finalised. As you know abstract submissions closed a short while ago and SIG Convenors and members of the SIGs are currently reviewing abstracts which have been submitted. Thank you to everyone who has submitted an abstract for consideration. The featured symposia are also being reviewed by a panel and we look forward to seeing which ones are shortlisted for the conference program.

Research Development

On 13 April 2015 a meeting was held via teleconference with Sue Shore and Anne Szadura from ACDE and cADRE

SIG News

At the time of writing, a great deal of AARE activity is underway – funding applications are being developed and conference preparations are in full swing. I would like to say a special note of thanks to SIG Convenors and Co-Convenors, whose contribution to activities such as organizing the review of abstracts and papers, and developing funding proposals and planning events on behalf of their respective SIGs, make such an important contribution to the work of AARE.

Ray Debus Award for Doctoral Research in Education – Nominations Exended!

The Australian Association for Research in Education makes an annual award known as "The Ray Debus Award for Doctoral Research in Education". This award is intended as recognition of excellence in educational research by doctoral students.

AARE Conference Awards

We are really looking forward to receiving your papers for the Conference Awards. Subsequent to some queries from potential delegates, we have the following clarifications to share (please consult the website for further information about the conference awards:

Theory Workshops

The final theory workshops for 2015 will be held at the Toowoomba Campus of the University of Southern Queensland on the weekend of 2-4 October. As with the previous theory workshops, the focus is on early career researchers and higher degree research students working with experienced researchers. Participants select three workshops to attend from the range available:

Recently Completed Thesis

Sharon Gierus - School of Education, Charles Darwin University

Thesis title: Mathematics and Indigenous preschoolers:
Connecting home–community practices with mainstream curriculum

Postgraduate Profile

Wanda Snitch

The perils of the part-time PhD

Part-time PhD candidature is becoming more common across many disciplines, despite the stereotype that candidates are generally young, full-time, scholarship-holders. On the surface, a part-time doctorate would appear to be the same experience spread over more years, but the following observations made by me and colleagues from other universities suggest that it has unique features not often recognised.

Strategic Initiative report

In March 2015, Dr Tim Corcoran, Senior Research Fellow at The Victoria Institute, was joined by Professor Tom Billington from the University of Sheffield (UK) and Associate Professor Lise Bird Claiborne from the University of Waikato (NZ), for a national seminar series critically examining psychology’s contributions to education. The Australian Association for Research in Education sponsored the series via a Strategic Initiatives grant awarded at the end of 2014.

New Book Release

Henderson, R., & Noble, K. (2015). Professional learning, induction and critical reflection: Building workforce capacity in education. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.