The Visible Classroom

Year: 2015

Author: Clinton, Janet, Calnin, Gerard

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper provides an overview of the ‘Visible Classroom’ Teacher Evaluation system. The Visible Classroom is a conceptual model of teaching and learning that emphasises the importance of constructive feedback to teachers on their practice, in real-time. The program embeds evaluation principles into the classroom through feedback informed by student views of practice. Employing teaching analytics and detailed coding of classroom conversation encourages teachers to participate in ongoing reflection and evaluation of their practice.

The pedagogical model underpinning the system will also be described, and will be supported by findings to date, as well as the continuing evaluation of the program in Australia and the United Kingdom. In addition to supporting students affected by disability, disadvantage, and cultural and linguistic difference, the program seeks to extend beyond the framework established by the national standards, by supporting teachers from initial teacher education to those with an established career.