Where Has All The Music Gone? A Review Of Music Education Content Of Early Childhood Teachers Tertiary Education Programs In Australia

Year: 2015

Author: Pestana, Ginette

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The recent push by the Australian government and various State Governments to increase the number of qualified staff in the early childhood sector has resulted in more tertiary institutions offering degree courses. It is also noted that majority of these degrees offer dual qualifications in both early childhood (birth to 5 years) and primary (5 - 8/12 years). Whilst many of these teacher education programmes offer some form of Creative Arts course, there appears to be considerable variability regarding the amount and content focus of music education within these courses.
This paper explores 46 undergraduate early childhood teacher education programmes offered in 2015 in Australia to glean data regarding what pre-service teachers learn about music education in early childhood. Data has been collected regarding the content, practical experiences provided and forms of assessment and analysed using a content analysis methodology. These findings are an important first step in revealing that the pre-service teachers are not sufficiently equipped with necessary skills to use music effectively in the early childhood classroom and have implications for the development of future early childhood teacher education programmes.