The Integration Of Technology Enhanced Learning In Initial Teacher Education Programmes: Collaborative Research From Australia And South Africa

Year: 2015

Author: Lane, Jenny, Carl, Arend, Strydom, Sonia

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Initial teacher education programs have been charged with failing to keep pace with the the use of technology in the workplace by not modelling technology-rich pedagogy to pre-service teachers. This paper aims to inform the development of contemporary models of learning design in initial teacher education, which focus on pedagogical processes while making authentic use of information communication technologies (ICTs). Research teams in two large schools of education, one in Australia and one in South Africa, engaged in a collaborative process to address the following research questions: What is the current progress of the integration of technology enhanced learning in initial teacher education programmes? What approaches to learning design can assist teacher educators to facilitate technology rich teaching and learning activities? The research teams modeled a socio-constructivist approach to as they combined face-to -face visits and online collaboration to develop the research agenda. The researchers undertook a series of visits and semi-structured interviews involving nine universities to gather data on the design and implementation of a ICT- rich mode of delivery in undergraduate teacher education programs.