Processes of self-concept integration in student teachers

Year: 1994

Author: Berlach, Richard G.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Considerable research evidence has been amassed to suggest that individuals integrate a concept of themselves by utilising any one of a number of processes. The current research investigated two such processes, namely self-enhancement and self-verification, and indicated their significance for the way in which student teachers integrated a concept of themselves as professionals.

The design took the form of providing feedback to second-year teacher education students who took part in responding to a series of classroom-related vignettes, and then examining their responses against the criteria for self-enhancement and self-verification established from the literature. The integration processes favoured were designated as the dependent variables, with independent variables consisting of status (expert/novice), age (mature-age/school leaver), type of feedback presented (favourable/ unfavourable), and performance on school-based teaching practice. Data were analysed using Analysis of Variance and findings are discussed. Implications for preservice teacher education courses are considered.