Asia across the curriculum: Student perspectives

Year: 1994

Author: Baumgart, Neil, Elliott, Alison

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

One of three programs of the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) is the Magnet Schools Program. Under this program, approximately 10 schools in each State and Territory have been identified to initiate teaching and learning about Asian countries and their people "across the curriculum".

As part of the evaluation of the AEF programs, questionnaires were given to a sample of students in 16 Magnet Schools, including both primary (N=316) and secondary (N=323) students, in all States and Territories. This paper reports on the perceptions of these students on a range of issues: geographic, historical, cultural, social, economic and political. An analysis of the data provides a description of students' current knowledge and understanding of Asian countries and allows inferences about factors related to the growth of inter-cultural understanding. Based on these findings, the paper draws implications for curriculum and for teaching and learning about Asia in Australian schools.