Supporting Indigenous identity within health education

Year: 2014

Author: Ngaira, Harker

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

  One of the key aspects of the Te Ohanga Matarora - Bachelor of Health Science Maori Nursing is ensuring  tauira[1] retain a strong sense of their own identity and a working knowledge of te reo me ona tikanga[2] when entering mainstream health provider settings.   Within the practice setting developing  models that support tauira in maintaining identity and providing appropriate support from nursing within the practise setting is essential in retaining identity for Maori.  In this way tauira will be able to deliver care to Maori more effectively in improving health status and health outcomes of wh?nau, hap? and iwi[3].  They will also develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of ?huatanga[4] and Tikanga Maori[5] as it relates to a health and well being setting.   A model in development - the ‘Tauira Practicum Model' - will provide an example of an approach to implementation in supporting practice development for M?ori tauira. The research methodology and methods utilised to evaluate and assess the model will be discussed through this presentation.