Interactive video: Teaching/learning at a distance

Year: 1994

Author: Aveling, Nado, Frylinck, Diana

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

At a previous AARE conference we reported our preliminary findings on the use of videoconferencing in a distance education course offered by Murdoch University. Since then we have used videoconferencing in a second unit and explored in more depth issues raised by the first program.

Literature on the topic and our own experiences suggest traditional teaching methods are often not suited to videoconferencing and new teaching strategies have to be adopted. In this paper we report on some of the strategies we have trialled for use specifically in videoconferencing. These strategies and practical guidelines for videoconferencing are integral parts of a handbook, presently in press, which will be available to Murdoch staff and others who want to use this innovative technology most effectively. This paper will appeal to those who are keen to adopt videoconferencing but are concerned by the lack of pedagogical research into teaching strategies suited to the medium.