Student perceptions of an inner-city secondary school

Year: 1994

Author: Arcodia, Charles, Cooper, Tom

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Teaching for Effective Learning in Senior Schooling (TELSS) project is a three-year collaborative study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology and Kelvin Grove State High School. The project was funded by the Australian Research Council and has, as its aim, to review and renew teaching and learning in the senior school whilst determining how the needs of students can best be served given the changing nature of Australian society.

A number of studies are being conducted within the school. The purpose of the paper is to report the key issues which emerged when the school's student population was surveyed. The focus of the questionnaire was to canvass opinion on a broad range of concerns which affected their experience of schooling and to analyse these data to provide insight into student perceptions of effective teaching and learning. The questionnaire is the first phase of a two-part survey which addresses the following issues: demographics, home environment, ethnicity, employment, teacher effectiveness, vocational education, subject choice, study habits and discipline.

The data suggest a number of conclusions which have implications for effective teaching and learning in the senior school. These include autonomy in learning, vocational relevance, career counselling, responsiveness to diverse learning styles and a multiplicity of teaching strategies.