The many emerging selves of the student teacher: Idiographic and nomothetic perspectives on learning, teaching and performing

Year: 1994

Author: Roche, Lawrence A., Marsh, Herbert W.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Students in primary teacher education courses can hold-and be influenced by-self-conceptions related to their roles as students, as teachers, and as performers in a number of different domains, such as the various subject areas (e.g., mathematics, English).

This paper explores the nature and structure of these self-conceptions among student teachers through two studies. The first study investigates the content of idiographic (open-ended) self-descriptions of a small sample of first-year student teachers. In the second study, a large sample of student teachers in first and second year responded to a questionnaire designed to distinguish between self- conceptions related to the different roles and domains.

Potential implications for teacher education and for teaching and learning generally are discussed.