Cultural studies/pedagogical practice: Autobiography, pedagogy and cultural critique

Year: 1994

Author: Johnson-Riordan, Lorraine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper directly addresses the Conference theme: "Educational research: Innovation and practice". It makes an argument for a rearticulation of (1) the discourses of educational research and pedagogy (e.g., Lather), and (2) the discourses of critical pedagogy with a feminist and "post-colonial" cultural studies in order to move beyond what seems to be the current impasse, both in educational research and critical pedagogy.

Secondly, the paper explores the possibilities for innovative classroom pedagogy and research opened up by autobiographical speaking/writing in adult/tertiary classrooms. The particular instance I will draw on is work-in-progress in teaching communications and the cultural politics of "race" to a group of mostly white young adult women in a country town.