The use of real-time coaching to support pre-service teacher learning

Year: 2014

Author: Garth, Stahl, Ben, Kehrwald, Erica, Sharplin

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

  This presentation reports on research into the use of an innovative technology-enhanced approach, Real-Time Coaching, to improve the skill-base of pre-service teachers.  The use of Real-Time Coaching incorporates multiple feedback cycles with the aim to motivate participants to actively reflect and adapt their pedagogy quickly.  Furthermore, it creates a space to engage with pre-service teachers’ values and developing practice.  The aim of this research initiative is to investigate how teachers’ mindsets and identities alter in relation to their formation (and reformation) of new skills.  This presentation focuses on two interrelated aspects of the use of Real-Time coaching in pre-service teacher education: the development of new practical skills related to classroom teaching and changes in pre-service teachers’ identities as a result of the skill development.  The presentation is structured in three parts: The first describes the background of real-time coaching and its application in the context of pre-service teacher education at The University of South Australia.  The second identifies the research aims and methods.  The third discusses early findings where we have found Real-Time Coaching has the capacity to strategically foster reflection in key areas that have been cited as common problems for new teachers (i.e. classroom management, presentation of material, clarity of instructions, etc).  Findings also indicate that participants viewed Real-Time coaching as having the capacity to a) reduce stress, b) support their learning and development c) help achieve goal-directed improvements in practice and d) identify their strengths and weaknesses as part of strategizing ongoing practical development.