Why pre-service information technology programmes often do not make a difference to the teaching practices of education students

Year: 1993

Author: Wild, Martyn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The gradual introduction and accumulative use of information technology (IT)1 in primary schools over the past 15 years is a significant educational innovation. However, the success of this innovation has not been consistent nor particularly pervasive: research has shown that for these schools the integration of IT into the curriculum is still a goal rather than a reality (Jackson, 1987; Jackson, et al, 1988; Haywood and Norman, 1988; Prideaux 1989; Cox and Rhodes, 1989). It is not so much that the technology has not been deployed successfully (Fowler, 1992), but rather that there are substantial variations in teacher uptake of this technology (Haywood and Norman, 1988; Somekh, 1989; Rhodes and Cox, 1990; Plomp, et al, 1990).