Selection, Roles and Responsibilities of Advanced Skills Teachers in the New South Wales Department of School Education: An Alternate Career Pathway?

Year: 1993

Author: Weppler, Margaret, Bourke, Sid

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper concerns the implementation of the Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) concept by the NSW Department of School Education. Survey information was obtained from 480 classroom teachers and ASTs from the Hunter Region, and by interviewing ASTs and AST selection panel members from a single Cluster. Teachers' reasons for applying for AST status and the outcome of their application were examined. Roles and responsibilities assigned to appointed ASTs were analysed. Classroom teachers, ASTs and school executives differed in their views of the AST position. Perceptions were diverse as to whether the AST position provided a career path as an alternative to promotion or was, in fact, simply a stepping stone to future promotional opportunities.