Self-study research: Modelling graduating teacher standards for pre-service teachers

Year: 2014

Author: Chris, North, Lindsey, Conner, Ronnie, Davey

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Graduating teacher standards have been critiqued as creating a binary between teacher knowledge and practice (Aitken, Sinnema and Meyer, 2013). The new model they propose requires justifiable teacher decisions . Through a self-study methodology, we present our experiences of making teacher decisions transparent and accessible to students. In particular we problematize the concept of "seamless" teaching by teacher educators and argue that we must make the "seams" of teaching and learning visible in order for pre-service teachers to engage with key teaching dispositions such as open-mindedness, and discernment and adaptive expertise. We present some challenges and successes we have experienced in these approaches and show how self-study has been crucial to our personal journeys of learning about teaching and learning with our students.