Systemically designed curricula - how do teachers cope ?

Year: 1993

Author: SCOTT, Deborah

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Educational change has become an increasingly dominant factor in the NSW education system of late. Primary teachers in particular have been inundated with new policies, principles, procedures and curriculum documents over the past five years. Despite this apparent commitment at a systemic level to encouraging educational change, the effectiveness of such projects in producing real change on a large scale has been minimal. This pilot study attempts to investigate how teachers respond to or cope with systemically developed curricula in under-resourced conditions in the implementation phase and why. The vehicle for this study is the NSW Department of Education's 'Mathematics K-6' document issued to teachers in November 1989. The study is primarily ethnographic in nature, based on a single school community and incorporating methodological triangulation as a means of substantiating findings. Data gathering methods include questionnaires, interviews and classroom observations.