The Maths Project Changes Direction: The Evolution of the Tasmanian Basic Learning Mathematics Project

Year: 1986

Author: Stoessiger, Rex

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The mathematics project funded by the Tasmanian Basic Learning project aims to produce practical mathematics assessment activities for the use of early childhood educators. Evaluation of this project was undertaken in an action research model with facilitation from the author. The original assessment activities produced were very specific in what they tested, required little language use from students and were of an "all or nothing" type in their assessment of a student's mathematical knowledge.

After 6 months of operation the project changed direction. The paper gives a description of the change to a more sophisticated assessment style and discusses a number of the contributing factors which let to the change. Among these are comments from teachers who developed and tested the activities, the co-ordinator's reading about mathematical development, the Early Literacy In-service Course and the adoption of an action research approach to evaluation.