From Pep to Punk: Reflections on the Arts Link Evaluation

Year: 1986

Author: McTaggart, Robin, Dickie, Barrie, Grenfell, Jenny

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

An account of the approach and findings of a responsive evaluation across three states of Arts LINK courses - courses offered in the arts to students s t i l l enrolled in secondary school. The study drew some contrasts between Arts LINK courses and other arts programs which came much closer to realizing the goals of the Participation and Equity Program which were a key point of reference for the evaluation. Features of curricula which seemed common to programs which were successful in engaging disadvantaged, disaffected and disenfranchised young people are identified. The paucity of programs and the minimal influence of Participation and Equity Program goals is documented, and an alternative way of thinking
about innovation so aimed is suggested.