Predictors of Form 1-6 High School Students' University Choice Decision - Process Stages: A Pilot Study

Year: 1986

Author: Le Claire, Kenneth A.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The primary objective of this paper is to establish, via a cross-sectional analysis of 144 male and female high school students in Geelong, the decision process stages (DPS) through which form 1-6 students proceed in deciding to undertake university study and the relevant predictors.

Major differences were found to exist between form I-3 and 4-6 students in terms of the proportional reduction in the grobability of error afforded by specifying the relevant gredictors both across and within the identified DPS: the aumber and nature of the predictors; the strength of the are clictive association; the (a) symmetry of the predictors; and the number of DPS.